Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars


American Laser Games

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Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars by American Laser Games will turn you into a deputy to chase after drug dealers. Armed with your weapon you will travel from city to city until you finally reach Lopez, the Narcotics King in South America.

From the side of his swimming pool, Lopez will explain to you how his life is perfect. He has the mansion, girls, drugs, money and power, and doesn't care for the fact that his white powder is killing people. Lopez has his people all over both North and South America and doesn't think that you have a chance in finding him. It will be a war between you and him and only one person will walk away alive.

The sheriff in Sierra County could use a deputy like you to help him bust the drug dealers in his area. Armed with your gun, you'll go after the small town drug traffickers in bars, on the street, and finally capture them in their hideout. You will then be sent off to the big city in Chicago to continue breaking down the cartels that belong to Lopez. As you move through the game, you will be sent to the border and then on to South America until you finally reach Lopez.

Each area has three different scenes for you to achieve in capturing the bad guys. You will be accompanied by someone from the local area on each mission to help and lead you to the different areas where the drug dealers are located.

The graphics are excellent as they are one hundred percent made of video quality scenes. It's just like watching television as you move through buildings and drive down streets shooting all the criminals. You'll witness cars turning over and exploding, along with many other special effects.

The sound is also quite good and is again just like watching television. You'll hear the gun shots, explosions, sirens, people screaming in pain or for help, some music, and all the other sounds that you would hear if you were really there. When you get shot, people will ask you where you got your shooting license or tell you that you don't know beans about shooting.

There are three difficulty levels available in the game that are named Rookie, Sergeant, and Captain. The only difference in the game between the three of them is that you must be more precise when shooting. On Rookie mode, you can shoot to the left or right of someone and it will still count as if you had hit them straight on. In Captain mode, the area becomes much smaller and more difficult meaning that your shots have to be perfect every time. Sometimes when you shoot a person it won't count because you hit them in the wrong area for it to count.

The game can be played with both the control pad and the 3DO Game Gun made by American Laser Games. It is obviously much more enjoyable and easier to play the game with the Game Gun than with the control pad. I found that the game play experience was completely different when using the Game Gun as compared to the control pad.


Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars is a great shooting game that provides a little experience of what it may be like to go after drug traffickers and finally capture a Narcotics King! If you enjoy aiming and shooting, then this game is for you! I strongly recommend picking up a Game Gun if you don't already have one.


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