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Motortoon Grandprix is a racing game that is not at all like the traditional games such as Ridge Racer and can be played by one or two players simultaneously. Designed more for the younger playing crowd, the game is fun and provides a challenge for the serious game player who wants to beat their lap times.

There are four different playing modes, two each for a one or two player game. A one player game can choose between the Grand Prix course or try a Time Attack. The Grand Prix course contains three different levels that are easy, normal, and hard. It also includes three different courses entitled Toon Island, Plastic Lake, and Gulliver House. Time attack is a game mode where a ghost car shows the vehicle that has recorded the fastest total lap time. Racing against the ghost car helps a person to see how well they are doing and if they are ahead to establish a new record. The Time Attack mode features thirteen different tracks which contains all the courses available: three for the Grand Prix course, and five each for the Match and Dual courses respectively. Match and Dual courses are the two options available when playing a two-player game. A Dual course is set up with a mirror track along side of it in which each player races on. The screen is split in two and the tracks come together at the finish line. Finally, in the Match course, the screen is again split in two, but the players race on the same course and can see each other within their window space on the screen.

The cars have facial expressions and different names. There are five to choose from: Rock, Jean, Bolbox, Raptor, and the Penguin Brothers. When preparing to race, you'll see your character falling from the sky with magical dust all around them as they land transforming into the car you have selected. Characters and cars are all very well drawn and look somewhat like cartoons.

The graphics in Motortoon Grandprix are in both 3D and 2D. On the courses, your track will be displayed using 3D shaded polygons. The race, objects on the course and your vehicle are all in 3D too. The background in the far distance is in 2D and resembles drawings. Depending on the course you choose to play, you'll see palm trees, buildings, trees, igloos, clouds, flowers, waterfalls, tunnels, hot air balloons, toys and much more. As you may have guess, some courses take place during the summer and others during the winter. Trees may even have big white eyes and happy faces. In the Gulliver House, you'll find yourself driving over giant chess games, pianos, toys, billiard areas, and much more!

While racing, your total time, speed, current gear, and laps are shown at the top of the screen. Your position in the race is indicated in the bottom right corner by the corresponding number. Vehicle control contains acceleration, breaks, and reverse. There are eight different possible views from which you can watch your vehicle as you race. Four of them are looking forward from behind the car with the other four looking backwards from the front end. Obviously it is a little difficult to drive when you can only see where you have been. The four different views are from within the car, just behind the car, and two from within the air, one of them being a little closer than the other. At the end of your race a replay will be shown from all different types of views.

The music and sound in Motortoon are fun and have a good beat. Some music is a little techno, while others are almost Christmas like with flutes, drums, and many other instruments.


Motortoon Grandprix is an entertaining game that is amusing for the whole family and even more so for the younger kids. Graphics are smooth and very fast providing an abundant motoring experience.


In North America:

Sony Computer Entertainment of America,
919 E. Hillsdale Blvd., 2nd Floor,
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Web Site: www.scea.sony.com/scea

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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
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Sony Computer Entertainment
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Overall: ***1/2


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