NEWS - November 1994

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Mindscape acquired French software developer, Atreid Concept, located in Bordeaux, France. The French team will become a part of Mindscape's development organization which includes three development divisions based in the United States, England and China. Atreid Concept brings their proprietary development tools - the LibSys cross platform development system which provides rapid conversion between MS-DOS and Macintosh platforms and the 3DBioMotion, a 3D animation engine that creates animations "on-the-fly".

S.S.I has been acquired by Mindscape, and will become a subsidiary of the company which will distribute S.S.I's current and future titles worlwide. According to S.S.I's officials, Mindscape will bring resources needed to bring their creative visions to life. Founded in 1979 with three employees, S.S.I. now has over 80 employees and has published about 150 games for several computer systems. Newcoming products like Cyclones, Panzer General, Alien Logic and Renegade will fortify S.S.I's position as leading publisher in the industry.

The Software Toolworks and Mindscape International decided to keep the Mindscape name. Their mission statement is to be the best consumer software company in the world. We wish them good luck.


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