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Virgin Records to Unleash P.A.W.S.

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April 3, 1996 Virgin Records has announced the upcoming release of P.A.W.S, an award-winning CD-ROM for children based on a whimsical canine theme. Compatible with both IBM and Macintosh formats, P.A.W.S will be available April 1996, and represents Virgin's first foray into the non-musical multimedia field via its newly created company Digital Garden.

Geared primarily for children between five and eight years of age, the CD-ROM offers a unique dog's-eye-view of the world, featuring P.A.W.S, a hand-drawn animated version of man's best friend. The title's imaginative, quirky charm has already fetched international accolades.

The extraordinary interactive environment of P.A.W.S (shorthand for Personal Automated Wagging System) is divided into three main areas: "The Anatomy of P.A.W.S, " a zany anatomical depiction of P.A.W.S featuring gears, gizmos, and edgy humor; "The AeroDog Flight Game," in which the jet-propelled P.A.W.S delivers bones to house-bound brethren; and an outlandish "Canine Simulator," the CD-ROM's centerpiece.

Lavishly praised by critics, the Canine Simulator enables each user to roam freely through a backyard and enjoy such vicarious pleasures as digging up fresh bones, growling at cats, and tormenting slow-footed postal carriers. Combining good-natured mischief with hilarious surprises, the P.A.W.S canine simulator is the next-best-thing to being a dog.

Throughout, P.A.W.S emphasizes innocent irreverence and creative entertainment--with enough variety for children (and their parents) to enjoy the experience again and again. A doggone good time is guaranteed for all--and if it were any more fun, you'd need to wear a flea collar. Developed in England by Domestic Funk Productions, P.A.W.S has already been released in Europe where it won three prestigious awards including Best Children's Title at the 1995 Milia Multimedia Festival in Cannes, France. America will soon be able to get in on the fun. Distributed by Virgin Records, the P.A.W.S CD-ROM will carry a suggested retail price of $34.95.

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