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Sunnyvale, CA., May 27, 1996 -- Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI), announced the DOS release of the highly acclaimed Su-27 Flanker: The Military Flight Simulator. Su-27 Flanker was the first flight sim to be released on the Microsoft Windows 95 platform in November of 1995.

Developed in Russia by Russian aerospace professional, Su-27 Flanker has distinguished itself from other flight sims currently on the market by providing substance, content and precision for the professional pilot as well as the flight sim enthusiast. In addition to some minor enhancements, the DOS version has incorporated head-to-head play, adding even more thrills to this already exceptional title!

Impeccable accuracy are the watchwords for Su-27 Flanker! Nick Grey, well known British aviator, Managing Director of the U.K. based The Fighter Collection, and head of the Su-27 Flanker project says, "In the words of Ernest Hemingway, '...Man has one virginity to lose in fighters...where his heart will be forever', but such intimate knowledge is the privilege of few. Simulation is the alternative, but accurate simulation it must be or the quote is empty. We seek to achieve this accuracy today." Su-27 Flanker boasts the endorsement of Anatoly Kvotchur, Russia's Su-27 top test and demonstration pilot. He states: "This is the closest you will ever get without actually flying the Su-27; this is an accurate simulation." The fidelity to the flight model and authenticity of the battle environment will dazzle the user. "From Russia, with accuracy!" says SSI's Carl Norman, Su-27 Flanker's producer. "Look for Su-27 Flanker to become a pedigree of the flight sim."

Become sovereign of the skies! Equipped with a simple to use, yet exceptionally powerful multi-tier Mission Editor, players choose to create their own sorties with varying degrees of difficulty. Su-27 Flanker will astound you with in-flight cockpit video footage of Anatoly Kvotchur through the use of Intel Corporation's Indeo Video Technology. "Strategic Simulation's breakthrough title shows you how creative software talent can utilize the power of high performance Pentium processor-based PC's to develop exciting applications," says Jean Yves Grall, Manager for Intel's Developer Relations Group. "The application's use of Indeo Video Technology should make the title particularly attractive to PC gamers."

Experience Su-27 Flanker! This is one flight that will leave you breathless!

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Strategic Simulations, Inc., a Mindscape Company, is one of the industry's leading electronic entertainment game publishers. Founded in 1979 and based in Sunnyvale, CA, SSI is recognized worldwide for its critically acclaimed 5 Star Series which includes such mega-hits as Panzer General, Allied General, and Fantasy General. In addition, SSI is acknowledged as a premier fantasy role-playing publisher for its World of Aden and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons line of products and its highly realistic simulations including the recently released Su-27 Flanker: The Military Flight Simulator and Silent Hunter.

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