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Sunnyvale, CA - March 25, 1996 - Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI), today announced the release of the highly anticipated Silent Hunter. This impressive title marks the debut of SSI's first submarine simulator.

Silent Hunter is a full-featured and comprehensive look at World War II submarine warfare. Designed for a single player, Silent Hunter lets you assume command of an American submarine in the Pacific. Your duty is to sink as much enemy tonnage as possible. Do your job well and become a decorated naval hero earning assignments on bigger and better class subs as your career progresses.

Authenticity and realism are the keys to Silent Hunter's appeal. Says Carl Norman, Silent Hunter's producer, "this game is pulse-pounding! It's an exhaustive game of cat-and-mouse and so remarkably vivid, you're going to beg for shore leave!"

Technical advice was provided by William "Bud" Gruner, the commanding officer of USS Skate during World War II. for his heroic efforts in sinking a Japanese cruiser, destroyer, and several merchant ships, Mr. Gruner was awarded both the Navy Cross and Silver Star Medals. The USS Skate was awarded the Navy Unit Commendation. Mr. Gruner is featured in portions of the multimedia presentations in Silent Hunter where he provides narration of technical and tactical matters, as well as anecdotes of his memorable WWII experiences. His first-hand experience provides a bounty of historical data that would be impossible to obtain from books.

Breathtaking high resolution graphics and a thunderous original soundtrack put you in the heat of sea-battle. Marvel at the sunning visuals depicting explosions and gun fire and feel the realism as weather and sea conditions impact your game play! Submarine controls are easily manipulated using the mouse; the point-and-click interface uses icons and pull-down menus to render the game play effortless and intuitive. See your ship from a first person perspective and get an eagle's eye view of maps that keep you up to date on your tactical situation.

Anchors aweigh, sailor! Whether the Gato, Balao, Tamboux or Salmon class be your "sub of choice", dare to steal into enemy harbors and either silently observe enemy operations or engage shipping. The realistic 3-D modeling of enemy vessels gives you an accurate 360- degree view of each ship; so stalk your prey, set your sights and fire away!

Run silent, run deep and run fast for Silent Hunter; it's the absolute underwater experience!

This press release was provided by S.S.I.

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