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Launches Third Web Site

- SSIonline.com Provides New Medium for SSI Game Enthusiasts -

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Mindscape On-line Publishing announced the launch of its third web site, SSI On-line. SSI On-line offers avid wargame and fantasy role-playing enthusiasts a place to check out Strategic Simulations, Inc.'s (SSI) CD-ROM gaming titles through product demonstrations, current product and corporate information, as well as game hints and tips. Strategic Simulations, Inc. is a leading CD-ROM game publisher and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mindscape.

"SSI has fostered a large following of loyal gamers for its CD-ROM product line. SSI On-line is a new medium for its customers to get product demos, obtain instant access to strategic hints, and communicate with SSI and its other customers about their favorite games," said Mark Nieker, Director of Mindscape On-line Publishing. "The Completion of the SSI On-line site represents another significant milestone as we work toward fulfilling the promise of bringing engaging content to the Internet."

SSI On-line Content Sections

At its introduction, SSI On-line will offer Internet users a number of services. Highlights include:

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