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Sierra announces the release of a further three titles in the already highly successful Sierra Originals range...

CategoryBudget range
SupportPC CD-ROM
Suggested Selling Price9.99 British Pounds

Gabriel Knight 1 - Thriller

A neo Gothic adventure worthy of the very best HITCHCOCK film. As night falls, the nightmares begin. Evil, supernatural forces take possession of your body. You are Gabriel Knight, the last born of a long line of phantom shadow hunters. You must fight against a curse stretching back man many centuries. Keep a level head every moment while you explore the avenues and dark back alleys of New Orleans in search of the key to unlock the buried secrets of the past.

Stylishly designed and richly written - a true neo-gothic computer novel in stunning high resolution 3D graphics. With the voices of professional Hollywood actors including Tim Curry and Mark Hamill.

The Even More Incredible Machine - Brain Teaser

"Bang! Boom! Splash! Plonk!" Make your own Incredible machines from even more Incredible parts! make up your own wacky machines to solve 160 engine-ius puzzles! Expect the unexpected as adventure awaits you at the end of each pulley. Change the laws of physics and gravity to get infeasible results. this toolbox will keep you occupied for hours and get the grey matter going!

Place weird parts around the screen. Free roguish release mechanisms and get to grips with goofy gears! Knock down the alley cats using the see-saws. Boom! Wearing boxing gloves, roll the bowling balls down the travelator!

Detroit - Trade Simulation

A trading simulation where you build up the motor company of your dreams. Change the course of history from 1908 to 2008! The whole world's streets are crowded with horse-drawn carriages and carts at the time when you become president of a motor company. With up-to-date methods and aggressive marketing skills, organize the global expansion of your company, enabling every man in the street to own a motorcar.

As the company boss, design and test your own cars making sure they comply with government regulations before going ahead with mass-production. Good Financial, marketing and personnel skills will be needed when drawing up the strategy to turn your company into a flourishing empire.

Released at the end of January 1996

Caesar I - Roman simulation

Test your administrative skills and become governor of a province in the Roman Empire. You could even become Caesar himself! You have money, legions and slaves all at your disposal. Use them wisely to embellish your city with all the wonders of the Roman World. Be judged on four main criteria: peace, prosperity, culture and empire. You have an empire to build, govern and preserve.

Goblins 3 - Humorous adventure

Reporter Blount, a journalist hunting for a scoop, sets off on a crazy mission to interview Queen Xina and King Bodd who, since time immemorial, have been unsuccessfully challenging each other for possession of the "Jewl of the World" which, according to legend, will give its owner an eternity of delight. You are confronted by surprise after surprise. Work with your new friends to face the most unexpected of enemies. a multi-faceted hero and panoramic settings with horizontal and vertical scrolling.

Released at the end of November 1995

Aces Over Europe - Historical Flight simulator

Dive back into history and re-live the air battles of the second World War. From the Normandy beaches to the bomb ravaged ruins of Berlin, take an active part in the most famous aerial dogfights of all time. Patrol the skies of Europe aboard one of more than 20 faithfully reproduced aircraft, attack and destroy factories, bridges etc, all in advanced 3-D rendered graphics.

King's Quest VI - Fantasy adventure for all the family

Discover a magical world where you help the ship-wrecked prince make his way across a series of mysterious islands in search of a princess in peril. You'll need all your wits and imagination to overcome the gauntlet of baffling puzzles and fantastic creatures that block you on your quest. Depending on your skill and the paths you follow, your adventure can end in many different ways. King's Quest VI is the sequel to a best selling saga, with over 1.5 million copies sold world wide.

Inca 1 - Ethno-fiction saga

Take the role of El Dorado, hero of the ancient Inca empire. the time for the prophecy to be fulfilled has come, and yo leave on an intergalactic voyage to do battle with the conquisitors and regain the three Inca secrets so that the Empire can rise again. Piloting the Tumi, enjoy free movement through pre-calculated synthesized scenes and interact with movie characters.

Goblins 1 and 2 - Humorous adventure

Our wily Goblins, irresistibly amusing elves who are totally unpredictable, are constantly having to contend with impossible situations. In the first episode of the series, they have to save their king from a terrible curse. In the second, they go off on a hunt for a prince kidnapped by the Demon King who wants him as a court jester! Goblins 1 and 2 are a magical mixture of wacky characters, wildly amusing characters and unbelievable traps.

Space Quest IV - Science fiction parody adventure

Discover the most burlesque and satirical world of space ever to come to the computer screen. Learn how to survive with your favorite hero and stand your ground in the face of an evil assault force from the Cosmos. a force which is determined to make this adventure the last in the series... The future of the next Space Quest lies in our hands! Space Quest IV features breathtaking animation and a warped sense of humor in an `out of this world' nonsensical adventure.

Lost in Time - Interactive adventure film

As Doralice you have to undermine the plans of a murderous enemy, explore hostile jungles, and ancient Breton manor and a galleon that surges up out of history. Face the dangers from the past and from the Melkion, secret agent from the future. Lost in Time is the first interactive Full Motion Video Film. Digitized background from renowned French graphic novel artist Segur.

This press release was provided by Sierra On-Line UK

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