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Queensryche's Promised Land, the first ever full-length Rock and Roll CD-ROM adventure game, created by multi-platinum recording group Queensryche, will be released March 19 by EMI Records, Virgin Interactive Entertainment (VIE) and CEMA distribution. This two-disc adventure evolved from their 1994 platinum audio CD release and includes not only the Promised Land game disc but a second disc, Big Log, which explores the log cabin studio where Queensryche lived and worked during the eight-month long recording session for the Promised Land album.

Queensryche's Promised Land was conceived by the band and designed in conjunction with Media X, Inc. (Santa Cruz). Flying over a small island in the Pacific Northwest, the Queensryche Totem separates and scatters in five pieces. Players must explore the five bandmembers' worlds within the beautiful, digital forest, solving three-dimensional puzzles and thought-provoking ecological challenges, as they attempt to find the pieces necessary to recreate the Totem, avert ecological disaster, and win the game. Those who triumph over the game are rewarded by a previously unreleased bonus audio track, "Two Miles High," written specifically for Queensryche's Promised Land.

The game features two thousand photo-realistic, raytraced images, over 70 diverse computer-generated digital worlds, and a hundred minutes of digital video and music. Queensryche wrote and performed the haunting ambient soundtrack for the CD-ROM. Soundbites from their album Promised Land are scattered throughout the game as well as the documentary disc, Big Log. Queensryche's Promised Land is a hybrid disc that is compatible with Macintosh, Windows and Windows '95 at a suggested retail price of $49.95.

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