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Mindscape UK Website Unveiled On-line

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The Mindscape On-line Publishing group has created another link between CD-ROM developers and consumers, spanning the Atlantic with the introduction of Mindscape UK On- line (URL: www.mindscapeuk.com). Mindscape UK On-line offers visitors a look at the latest company and product news and demos, as well as a catalogue of available products, screenshots, release schedules and technical support for its CD-ROM products.

The new web site gives anyone with a modem direct access to Mindscape UK, enabling the company to communicate with its customers on an immediate, personal level. The Mindscape On-line Publishing group will continue to build exciting new on-line content, integrate on-line components into new and existing products, and work with independent content providers to create state-of-the-art on-line sites with global appeal.

Geoff Heath, Managing Director of Mindscape Europe, commented: "We increasingly view on-line services as a new platform, like disks or CD- ROM, that not only extend the value of all our products, but help fulfil the promise of the Internet by bringing timely, valuable information to consumers world-wide.".

On-line Content Sections

At its introduction Mindscape UK On-line will offer Internet users a number of services.
Highlights include:

Star Products, providing a look at the latest from Mindscape UK, including features about new products and special offers, including opportunities to adopt a Dogz, the current hit Mindscape title and visit Warhammer World and explore in-depth character information and original art work from the Games Workshop universe;

News, presenting the latest information about Mindscape and its employees, including company news and press releases;

Demos, allowing visitors to download and take a peek at the latest software product demonstrations;

Catalogue, containing detailed information about Mindscape titles. You'll find all you need to know about Mindscape's military combat, role playing, action adventure, simulation and action arcade games; Mindscape's award-winning reference and productivity products; and learning and entertainment titles for the entire family.

Screenshots, enabling users to view several screenshots from each of the titles in the Catalogue section;

Release Schedule, giving information about upcoming product releases such as in-store availability dates, price and platform;

Technical Support, for immediate technical support, answers to the most frequently asked questions, on-line product warranty registration and updates to favorite titles by Mindscape UK staff.

This press release was provided by Mindscape UK.

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