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Magnet Chosen To Produce "Highlander: The Immortals" CD-ROM Adventure Game

Washington, DC, May 15, 1996 -- Magnet Interactive Studios, a full service developer of interactive entertainment, Davis/Panzer Productions, producer of the "Highlander" film and TV series, and Gaumont of Paris today announced that they have formed a joint partnership to produce a CD-ROM adventure game based on the "Highlander" property.

Magnet will be responsible for game design, software and A/V engineering and integration as well as overall quality assurance. Davis/Panzer Productions and Gaumont will provide creative oversight to ensure that the integrity of the "Highlander" legend is upheld.

Highlander: The Immortals will be produced for the Windows 95 platform and later ported to the Sony PlayStation platform. Targeted for an early 1997 release, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will market and distribute both titles.

"Magnet is excited to collaborate with the world-renowned and much-celebrated Davis/Panzer Productions and Gaumont," said John Gamba, director of product marketing for Magnet Interactive Studios. "Magnet has assembled an incredibly talented production team. We are confident in their abilities to push the envelop in terms of integrating network technology and producing true 3D interactive worlds while at the same time delivering a compelling storyline that will satisfy the most discriminating fans of the Highlander television and feature film series."

True to the legend and lore of "Highlander", the player assumes the role of Duncan MacLeod, an Immortal born 400 years ago in the highlands of Scotland. Duncan discovers a secret - something other Immortals are prepared to kill for. Drawn into a centuries-old war between two shadowy Immortal groups, the player must solve the mystery or face the "Quickening." Players will explore lavishly created 3-D environments familiar to the "Highlander" series such as Duncan's loft and dojo, Joe's bar and Darius' church. Players will also enlist the help of old friends such as Connor, Methos, Amanda and Joe Dawson. With network and online play built in, the "Gathering" will come directly to the player's home computer, with opponents from across the street to across the world fighting one-on-one to attain the ultimate "Prize."

"Davis/Panzer and Gaumont look forward to extending the legend of "Highlander" to yet another production medium, and winning over more fans," said Bill Panzer of Davis/Panzer Productions. "I myself am looking forward to attending the 'Gathering' in Cyber-space."

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Magnet Interactive Studios is a full-service digital interactive software development studio. A subsidiary of Magnet Interactive Group, Inc., Magnet Interactive Studios is located in Washington, DC.

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