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Interactive Magic has achieved a significant breakthrough in 1995 in the European Interactive Entertainment Market, with the launch of Capitalism and Star Rangers on the PC CD-ROM. Well, in 1996 we intend with God's help we'll wipe clean those pale imitations of his ultimate creation, the God game.

Destiny is a 3-D, real time God game. In the tradition of the greatest strategy games that came before it, Destiny puts players in charge - controlling the development of mankind, from the Stone Age to Space Age .. and ultimately the fate of the universe.

Players begin the game as a tribal chief and must lead their people through time by carefully managing available resources. Destiny can be played as a game of Scientific Discovery or Military Conquest and is rendered in 3-D so that players have a unique first-person perspective that places them on the ground amongst their people.

Although Destiny's designers have gone back to God's original plan of creation, so you don't just have an overview, you join the party on the ground. Destiny has a multiplay feature that allows network and modem play with an advanced mode.

Destiny can be played from start to finish as a comprehensive campaign, or as mini scenarios within each age of discovery. The player can either start in the Stone Age, Gunpowder Age or any other period as the game progresses. And as Interactive Magic Chairman `Wild' Bill Stealey said "Every great strategy player wants to be God so they can control the entire universe and Destiny is designed to give players total control of their world, so that the fate of their people depends entirely on the decisions they make".

Developed byDAGGER INTERACTIVE from the UK
FormatCD ROM
System Requirements486 DX-33 min, Windows'95, 8MB RAM, SVGA, Sound Blaster and compatibles
RRP39.99 British Pounds
Release DateApril/May 1996

To find out more visit www.imagicgames.com

This press release was provided by Interactive Magic UK

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