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IBM's New Jungle Book MOVIEGAME Brings

Big Screen Entertainment to CD Games

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Somers, N.Y., April 9, 1996 ... LaTee, Baloo, Mowgli and the rest of the Rudyard kipling's lovable characters draw youngsters into a world of jungle magic in IBM's new Jungle Book MOVIEGAME CD-ROM. Children use their voices to guide them through jungle adventures based on Disney's hit movie for hours of interactive fun.

IBM's Jungle Book, the first MOVIEGAME CD-ROM for home computers, incorporates more than 100 minutes of feature film footage -- including some never-before-seen clips -- and invites players to extend the film's story line through interactive game adventures.

Featuring IBM's patented speech recognition technology, Jungle Book is the first voice-activated CD-ROM game, providing children with the chance to imitate chimpanzees and wolves to progress through the game. Testing their animal instincts, players must find King Louie's crown and ultimately restore order to the jungle. The Jungle Book CD-ROM immerses players in live-action video from Disney's hit movie, taking them into the exotic, adventure-filled jungle and inviting them to interact with the lovable -- and sometimes dangerous -- Jungle Book characters.

"Beautiful movie visuals, a classic story, and PC voice technology are combined in a way to capture the imagination, whet kids' appetites to explore and ensure a new generation of devotees to Kipling's timeless tale," said Bernie Rice, director of consumer software for IBM's Consumer Division. "It's a CD game parents will feel good about buying and kids will enjoy playing."

Designed for children ages 5-9, the Jungle Book CD-ROM features chimpanzee guide LaTee and his human sidekick, Colonel Llgworn. The game offers two levels of difficulty for hours of repeat play and comes with an easy-to- use microphone. The Jungle Book CD-ROM is available immediately through IBM PC Direct for $39.95 at (800) 426-7235, and at software distributors and retailers nationwide.

System Requirements

System requirements include: a 486 DX-66 MHz (or higher) IBM compatible computer; Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 3.1; 8 MB RAM; 10 MB of free hard disk space; SVGA display, 256 Colors running in 640 x 480 display mode; double-speed or faster CD-ROM drive; mouse; Sound Blaster- compatible sound card. Microphone for voice recognition (provided in package) is optional.

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