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Space Hulk - Vengeance of the Blood Angels

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Electronic Arts is pleased to announce the release of Space Hulk - Vengeance of the Blood Angels, for the PlayStation in 1996. This new version of Space Hulk is based on the specially developed 3DO sequel which launched to critical acclaim last year.

Space Hulk on the PlayStation is the most powerful recreation of the Games Workshop cult creation to date. Players have complete freedom of movement in a super fast, full screen, highly detailed 3D environment. Combat is a frightening 'in your face' experience, as the screen is filled with terrifying fully ray-traced animated Genestealers.

Impressive artificial intelligence routines make these enemies worthy opponents, and the pre-rendered interleaving animations and rich digital audio makes Space Hulk drip with blood curdling atmosphere - especially when game players reap havoc in a bloodlusting carnage, killing off Kaos Marines, Genestealers and Hybrids.

The player has realistic heads-up visor displays and the game play ranges from straight-into-the-action arcade missions, to deep and challenging strategic campaigns. For novices to the Space Hulk universe a full training mode is offered to enable first time users to master the might of the Terminators before entering a Hulk for real.

To set the scene, players are flung to a galaxy far away, where a vast and seemingly out of control Hulk is racing towards the Imperial Planet Delvar III. The honor has befallen the Blood Angel Chapter of Imperial Space Marines to board this gargantuan hulk and somehow divert it from its course of evil, thus saving the planet from certain destruction.

As soon as the boarding torpedoes have launched and successfully breached the sides of the hulk, the Terminator Marines find themselves face to face with a horde of fearsome Genestealers. The whole malevolent alien species is represented, from four-armed Pure Strain Genestealers, through armed and warped 2nd and 3rd generation Genestealers Hybrids, t Psychic Magii and the awesome Patriach, controller of the Hivemind and a beast of immense power and malign presence.

As the leader of the Blood Angel Terminators, the player must battle through detritus and decay accrued over a millennia towards the depths of the huge derelict in order to shut down its engines. But beware, the enemy infestation pervades the hulk in great density. The player must cleanse and burn his way to the heart of the sickness and sweep the foul spawn before him like weeds before the scythe.

Space Hulk - Vengeance of the Blood Angels is a highly atmospheric conversion of the classic computer arcade strategy game from Electronic Arts and is licensed from the world renowned board-game from Games Workshop.

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This press release was provided by Electronic Arts UK

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