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Domark Software Goes Direct

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March 12, 1996, San Mateo, CA - Domark Software, Inc., a developer and publisher of entertainment software for the PC, Macintosh, Internet and next generation gaming platforms, announced today plans to begin selling its line of entertainment products directly to the distribution channel. Domark will utilize the sales team at Strategic Marketing Partners (SMP) to represent its products at retail.

This strategic move by the company is a direct result of the recent merger with Eidos, Big Red Software, and Simis. Domark is also at an advanced stage of due diligence in acquiring game publisher CentreGold (US Gold). "Our commitment to become a well rounded game publisher is solidified by the relationships we have chosen to engage in." commented Dominic Wheatley, CEO of Domark.

The first title to be released by Domark and SMP is Big Red Racing, a multiplayer action racer featuring 24 international tracks on 7 different terrain's. Shortly after the Big Red Racing release is Total Mayhem, a multiplayer action shooter featuring an isometric view and zoom options combined with various terrain's, enemies, and weapons.

Since Domark's US inception in 1993 the company has maintained an Affiliate Label relationship with Spectrum HoloByte. "Our move to go direct at this point is a natural progression," commented Mike McGarvey, Domark's VP of Sales and Marketing. "Our internal line-up combined with the products from the impending acquisition of US Gold warrants this step to deal directly with the retail and distribution channels," added McGarvey.

Domark Software, Inc., established in 1984, develops and publishes interactive entertainment software titles on various platforms including: PC and PC compatibles, Windows 95, Macintosh, Sega Saturn, Genesis, CD, and Game Gear, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 3DO, and Sony PlayStation. Domark products are available through major distributors, retailers, and mass merchants in the US and worldwide.

This press release was provided by Domark Software, Inc.

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