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Menlo Park, CA., May 7, 1996 -- In an exciting new alliance, Crystal Dynamics announced today that they have licensed two properties from Marvel Comics'. Both Ghost Rider and the new Punisher will make their 32-bit debut on the Sony PlayStation game console in 1997.

"The Punisher and Ghost Rider characters are perfect for the 32-bit marketplace. We intend to bring the same level of intensity and action found in the comic books to our video game products," said Randy Komisar CEO and president, Crystal Dynamics.

Featuring 3D rendered graphics with dynamic camera tracking, the hellfire fueled vengeance of Ghost Rider heats up the 32-bit gaming arena. Amid flaming skulls and haunting voiceovers, Ghost Rider protects the innocent using enhanced human strength, his hellfire fueled motorcycle, and his mystic chain. Believing in "an eye for an eye," Ghost Rider uses his "penance stare" to cast torment on those who have inflicted pain on others. Ghost Rider and Punisher are packed with cameo appearance by Marvel superstars and a fresh perspective that takes action gaming into the third dimension.

The 32-bit video game Punisher throws Frank Castle into a brutal 3D environment packed with enemies and plot twists and turns. Punisher centers around the tortured life of Castle, a character who gained his popularity after making a cameo appearance in the Spider-Man comic book series during the 1970's. Twelve deadly weapon power-ups lead to a triple digit body count that leaves the morgue working overtime. Punisher, a brutal 3D arcade style combat zone will leave you shell shocked.

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The gamers at Crystal Dynamics were the first to develop and publish a 32-bit video game in 1993. Their flagship product GEX, the first character-based action game for a 32-bit home console, brought a new dimension to the gameplay experience by developing the character using comedic voice-over talent and a hilarious script which helped to bring his wisecracking persona to life. Crystal Dynamics' designers, programmers and artists continue to set the pace for the next generation gaming experience with the innovation and playability as experienced in state-of-the-art like PANDEMONIUM!

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