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Los Angeles, CA, May 16, 1996 -- Capcom today proudly introduces Star Gladiator, the company's first 3D fighting game, to visitors at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Premiering in the US, the arcade version of Star Gladiator will be on display. Masters in delivering classic 2D fighting games with outstanding control and playability, this 3D Capcom game will command the same level of quality. Star Gladiator is a futristic weapons fighting game, in which the player can choose from any one of the ten characters and go head-to-head with some of the galaxy's most powerful fencers. It represents a significant milestone as Capcom's first arcade game originally developed on the Sony PlayStation. The arcade version of Star Gladiator is scheduled to release in July, while the Sony PlayStation version is scheduled to release in the fourth quarter of 1996. It will have a suggested retail price of $65.95.

"As technology moves into the 3D world, Capcom is poised and ready to meet the challenge of competing in this new market," said Greg Ballard, president of Capcom Entertainment. "Street Fighter placed Capcom at the pinnacle of the 2D fighting game genre, a position gained by delivering incredible gameplay, backed with rich storylines and fully developed characters. We have already proved we can create arcade-perfect 32-bit games. We now add a focus to produce outstanding 3D games."

In the year 2348, humans have been exploring space for the past four centuries, and have established contact with aliens. People now emigrate easily from one planet to another, and life is genrally good. In steps Edward Bilstein. A Nobel prize-winning physicist, he uncovers the secret to humanity's "sixth sense," and discovers how to use it as an energy source he calls, "Plasma Power." After failed attempts to coerce other Plasma fighters to join him in taking over Earth, Dr. Bilstein is captured and imprisoned in a stellite orbiting planet Zeta. Six years later, Bilstein has built himself a powerful cybrog body, and has managed to escape from his cell, gathering a cadre of Plasma fighters at his side. After making quick work of Zeta, Bilstein again set his eyes on Earth. A panicked Earth Federation has only one recourse: to find people who could utilize the Plasma weapons against their own creator in a last, desperate hope to stop the mad genius before he can invade Earth!

The Star Gladiators are: Hayato, Earth's hero and master of the plasma sword; Zelkin, the flying birdlike alien; June, the cute mistress of the Plasma Circles; the cone-headed Saturn and his Plasma Yo-Yo; Gamof, the hairy, axe-weilding alien; Gerelt the fencer; Rimgal, the mutated dinosaur; war machine Vector; the Indonesian psychic Gore; and the evil genius Bilstein himself.

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Capcom, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Capcom Co., Ltd, is a leading force in the multi-billion dollar interactive entertainment industry. The company develops, markets, and distributes both coin-operated and home video games for the Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation. Capcom Entertainment, Inc. is based in Sunnyvale, California.

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