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Syndicate Wars to Break Out on Sega Saturn

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Syndicate Wars, the eagerly awaited sequel to Bullfrog Production's classic program Syndicate will be converted for the Sega Saturn and is due for release this September.

Syndicate closed with the global domination of the World by The Corporation. Now, a hundred years later, they have got complacent and things are going wrong. The chip which controlled the minds of the world's population has started to malfunction and once again the citizens of the world are perceiving reality as it really is - grim.

A new religious cult has sprung up and they are gaining huge numbers of converts to their cause. while in the cities, marauding gangs of bikers are capitalising on the disorganization of the Corporation and gaining control of whole city precincts.

This is the dark and gloomy setting for Syndicate Wars and this time the player can choose to be a Corporation executive determined to place The Corporation back in control and further your own career. Alternatively you can be a Church Elder or the leader of the biker gang.

Syndicate has indisputably become a classic program with it's blend of strategy and action and is a program which has almost universal recognition within the gaming fraternity. Technological advances coupled with consumer demand led Bullfrog Productions to decide to create a sequel to this classic program.

The game is set in a fully 360 degree rotatable landscape with full light sourcing. Everything in any of the 30 cities will completely destroyable. This mean that you can enter a fully living working city and leave it as a smoldering crater (assuming you have enough weaponry). Other technological advances have enabled Bullfrog to place mirrors on the sides of buildings as well as using video streaming to play the CD footage of your choice on the sides of buildings.

The weaponry in Syndicate Wars will be as spectacular as the cityscapes, with 24 weapons in all. These will include old favorites such as the Uzi, Mini Gun and Flamer and new weapons will include the handheld laser which gives a huge electric shock and pierces shields, Napalm mines which are a burning chemical festival and razor wire which when placed across dark alleys cuts oncoming enemies in two.

Syndicate Wars will be a worthy successor to it's classic parent the new setting, technological advances and the fact that now the player can directly control the lead agent means that playability has been further enhanced. Plus the introduction of two other groups means that the players will ave to use different tactics in order to win the game depending on which group they opt to play. Syndicate Wars will be published for the Sega Saturn by Bullfrog Productions, priced at 44.99 Pounds in the UK and distributed world wide by Electronic Arts.

This press release was provided by Bullfrog Productions Ltd. UK

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