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From the makers of the best-selling Warcraft series comes the next level in real-time strategy games as players journey into the reaches of space and the realms of Starcraft.

LONDON, UK, April 14, 1996 -- At the European Computer Trade Show starting today, Blizzard Entertainment announced Starcraft, a futuristic real-time strategy game. Players journey into the reaches of space to restore order to a galaxy on the brink interstellar warfare. The game is expected to be available this winter in Windows 95 format.

In Starcraft, the delicate balance between powers begins to unravel as alien invaders from beyond the Galactic Rim threaten to destroy all of known space in their quest for supremacy. As commander of one of three species vying for sovereignty, players undertake a series of strategic military missions while defending planets and constellations, employing advanced technology and controlling reserves of finite resources.

Says Allen Adham, president and founder of Blizzard Enertainment, "We are drawn to the intense game play offered in the real-time strategy genre -- as demonstrated by our dedication and passion for the Warcraft series. With Starcraft, we have the opportunity to continue our tradition of offering highly addictive and exciting real-time games, while creating new worlds, experiences and technologies."

Key features in Starcraft will include:

Starcraft is expected to be available by this winter in Windows 95 CD-ROM format at most computer and software retail chains nationwide for approximately $50. The game will also be available through Blizzard at (800)-953-SNOW. Blizzard Entertainment is a premier publisher of next-generation entertainment software. The company's blockbuster hits Warcraft and Warcraft II have earned top industry honors including Game of the Year and Best Multiplayer Game, as well as high ratings and rave reviews from numerous gaming magazines. Soon to be released titles include Diablo, a role-playing game, and Pax Imperia 2, a galactic empire simulator. Blizzard is a division of Davidson & Associates, Inc., a leading multimedia studio for educational and entertainment software.

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