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Save Time and Money With Web.Max's Internet Search Capabilities, News Retrieval, Communication Tools, And Much More

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Berkeley, CA, May 28, 1996 -- Berkeley Systems announced today the shipping of Web.Max, an Internet product that gives users everything they need to get the most out of the Internet. Web.Max is a suite of powerful Internet utilities that includes comprehensive search capabilities, a news retrieval feature, an Internet telephone, file security, and much more. For those new to the Internet, Web.Max comes with a complete Internet start-up kit. Web.Max is available for Windows 95 on CD-ROM and has an expected street price of $39.99.

"Whether users are new to the Internet or seasoned net surfers, they will enjoy the powerful and easy to use Internet utilities that Web.Max provides," said Greg Marek, Director of Marketing at Berkeley Systems. "Web.Max marks Berkeley Systems' move into the Internet arena, and we will continue to take advantage of new online technologies in upcoming titles."

Save Time and Money

Web.Max helps users make the most of the Internet by providing a variety of powerful, time-saving Internet utilities. Net Retriever is a comprehensive search tool that allows users to find information, people, stock quotes and more by using more than ten of the most authoritative search engines available. Web.Max allows users to streamline their Internet searches by choosing one of eight categories to search, including Usenet Newsgroups, Web Pages, product reviews and Email Directories. In earch search, Web.Max employs one of the many powerful search engines employed by the product, including Lycos, Alta Vista, WhoWhere, and Shareware.com.

The Web.Max TV utility scans the Internet and provides the user with up-to-the-minute news and information on a variety of subjects. It comes with preset "channels" for national business, sports and industry headline news, cool web sites, the weather and more. Users even can choose how often the news is updated. Such premier news sources as USA Today, CNN, and C/NET have partnered with Berkeley Systems to have their own channels on the Web.Max TV.

In addition, users can schedule their favorite web pages for automatic download using the Web.Max Downloader, allowing them to surf the information off-line and save money on Internet connection time. Users can choose whether they'd like their pages downloaded on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The Web.Max Phone allows users to speak via the Internet and transfer files at the same time. Users can dial each other by e-mail address and, by talking over the Internet, save money on long distance bills. The Web.Max Security allows users to control who can access the Internet and other commercial online services from their computer. It also protects online downloads and any other folders and files users want to keep confidential.

For users new to the Internet, Web.Max comes with an Internet start-up kit that includes the Internet access provider Earthlink, Netscape Navigator 2.0 for web browsing, Eudora Light for e-mail and 120 free hours of Internet access time. Web.Max also comes with an After Dark and Windows 95 compatible screen saver featuring Max, an animated, high-tech dog that lives on the desktop.


Web.Max runs on Windows95 and requires a 486-66 or Pentium processor, 8 Mb of RAM, 18 Mb of free disk space, a CD-ROM drive, 14,400 Baud momdem, and a display monitor capable of at least 256 colors. Sound effects require a Sound Blaster 16 or compatible sound card. A microphone is required for the Internet phone feature.

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Founded in 1987, Berkeley Systems, Inc. develops and markets multimedia entertainment software for grown-ups. To date, the privately held Company has sold more than five million units and is a leading innovator in the marketplace. Leveraging the success of its widely known After Dark screen saver franchise, Berkeley Systems recently established a second franchise with the irreverent pop-culture trivia game You Don't Know Jack. Berkeley Systems continues to produce cutting-edges titles that offer unique experiences and take advantage of the latest technology and online advancements.

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