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Albuquerque, NM, June 3, 1996 -- Classic teen detective Nancy Drew will make her CD-ROM debut in 1997, in a series of interactive motion-picture games from Her Interactive. The first title is slated for release in late 1997.

Her Interactive's CD-ROM mysteries will be based on titles from the Nancy Drew Case Files book series from Pocket Books, in which the intrepid heroine is a freshman in college. The series will combine interactive motion-picture gameplay and 3-D graphic exploration.

"Nancy Drew is a perfect candidate for interactive media. This much-loved character found in books, TV and movies is sure to be a computer entertainment hit with our audience of pre-teen and teen girls," said Patricia Flanigan, Executive Director of Her Interactive.

The Nancy Drew Case Files, with more than 100 titles in print to date and new books published monthly, has sold more than one million copies in the U.S. and is read worldwide. It's the latest series to feature the beloved heroine, who has been entertaining young readers since the 1930s.

Her Interactive's first game for girls, McKenzie & Co.(TM) -- a comic adventure about life in high school -- was released in November, 1995. The game has garnered rave reviews and fan mail from girls and their parents across the United States and internationally. A set of add-on discs, McKenzie & Co.: More Friends, will be released for Windows PC in June, with Macintosh add-ons later in the summer.

The next title coming from Her Interactive is The Vampire Diaries, a suspenseful 3-D graphic adventure/role playing game based on the series of teen romantic thrillers. The game will be native to Windows 95, Her Interactive's first title to be so programmed. The Vampire Diaries is scheduled to release in November, 1995.

Her Interactive was established as a division of American Laser Games, Inc. in November, 1994. Her Interactive operates Her Online, a web site with content geared to pre-teen and teenage girls. The web address is https://www.her-online.com. The company is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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McKenzie & Co. is a registered trademark of Her Interactive, a division of American Laser Games, Inc.

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