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Activision's MechWarrior 2 Powers Up on
Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn

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Los Angeles, CA, May 16, 1996 -- Activision, Inc.'s (Nasdaq: ATVI) best- selling combat-simulation game MechWarrior 2 is slated to launch on the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn platforms this winter. Featuring 12 BattleMech and more than 30 different missions, MechWarrior 2 will offer console gamers more rapid-fire action, enhanced texture-mapped graphics and game features not found in the preceding version.

"With its stunning 3-D graphics, realistic sound effects and exhilarating first-person game play, MechWarrior 2 for the PlayStation and Saturn takes full advantage of the next-generation systems' capabilities," said Bobby Kotick, Chairman and CEO, Activision, Inc. "All of the qualities that make MechWarrior 2 a top-selling PC title are further enhanced, delivering unparalleled nonstop action."

MechWarrior 2 for the console systems will plunge players into the cockpit of one of more than a dozen BattleMechs equipped with lasers, rockets and other futuristic armaments. Players can choose from 32 missions and battle over a variety of terrain ranging from barren desert to urban landscapes to frozen tundra.

MechWarrior 2 for the PlayStation and Saturn provides increased frame rate, enhanced lighting effects and more detailed 3-D texture mapping delivering realistic, pulse-pounding game play. Additionally, players can activate new power-ups not available in the PC games, including invisibility; invulnerability; repairs for damaged systems and weapons; additional jump jets; and heat sink augmentation which provides for increased rapid-firing.

Three battle mission options create intense and varied game play. Instant Action allows players to engage in a free-for-all against a powerful array of enemy clan 'Mechs. Additionally, players can choose two different career modes - the Wolf Clan or the jade Falcon Clan - and advance from the ranks of cadet to the status of Khan, leader of the Clan. Hypnotic sound effects designed by Academy Award-winning Soundelux Media Labs draw players into an intense fight for valor.

Named "Best Game" by PC Entertainment, "Best PC CD-ROM Game" by Video Game Advisor and the "Editor's Choice" by PC Gamer, MechWarrior 2, based on FASA's Battletech Universe, is currently available on Microsoft's MS-DOS and Windows 95 operating systems. The Windows 95 version of the action-combat title is one of the first games that allows friends to compete head-to-head in a real-time suing a modem. Additionally, up to eight players can battle cooperatively or competitively over a local area network.

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