Full Throttle

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After the introduction:

Click on the container and go right. Open the door using your foot. Inside: kick the barman. Go out and hit the road with your motorcycle. Fight with the guy on the bike (using the left mouse button to punch and use your arrow keys or mouse to move left or right).

Mo's Place

Pick up the gas can and the hose. Get out and go to the caravan. Knock on the door. When the man talks to you, kick in the door. Open the cabinet and pick up the lockpick. Go to the fridge and take the meat. Go downstairs via the steps. Pick up the torch.

Go to tower and use the lockpick on the lock. Pick up the lock and go straight ahead. Touch the ladder and hide yourself at the upper left side of the screen.

Go to the chopper and open the gas cap. Use the hose on the gas cap and use the gas can on the gas cap. Drink from the hose.

Go to the junk yard and fix the lock on the latch. Climb on the chain and jump down into the junk yard. Go right twice, quickly use the meat on the blue car. Then go back and climb the crane. Push button, lift up the blue car using your sticks. Go to the parts pile, pick up the forks.

Go to the fuel tower and touch the ladder to lure the police. Take your bike and go up.

The Trucker's Bar

Go behind the bar and talk to Miranda. After receiving the fake ID enter the bar. Use the fake ID on the person with the knife.

Mink Ranch

Get inside the house and lift up the pillow. Take the tire iron and use it on the box.


Take the fertilizer on the ground and use the tire iron on the right wheel. Go behind the semitrailer and push it over. Go back to the Mink Ranch until you're noticed by the bad guys.

On the Road Again

Leave the highway using the left mouse button. Talk to Father Torque, fight with the bikers until you get:

NOTE: To kill the bizar dude, use the piece of wood.
To kill the woman with the chainsaw, use the fertilizer.
To kill the NITRObiker, use the chain.
Use the special glasses to find the entrance of the cave. It will be shown on the green screen. Click on the left mouse button when CAVE appears on the screen.

In the Cave

Pick up the ramp, put it on your bike. Go right once with your bike and use the ramp.


Ride on your bike until you encounter the crashed car. Use the tire iron on the fender and put the fender on your the bike. Go back to the ramp and fly!

Corley Motors Factory

Go to the stadium and talk to Horrace. Use the joystick. Wait until Horrace turns his back on you and steal the bunny. Get on your bike and go up to the mine field.

Mine Field

Use the bunny on the mine field and pick up the Duracell battery. Go back to Horrace and use the battery on the RC car. Guide the car up, then left behind the turnstile. Go back and steal the bunny-box. Go to the mine field. (save) Use the box on the mine field and pick up as many bunnies as possible. Use the bunnies on the mine field and enjoy yourself watching a bunny-mine war. You will be captured by the Vultures.


During the conversation choose: Let me go or else
I'll give ya names
Diapered dynamo


Use the first ramp to jump on the brown car. Push brown car in the corner and push it on the second ramp until it falls. This will allow you to crash the car from the bad guys!

On Fire!

Walk near the view stats, they will begin to burn! Panic! To get out of the stadium: jump on the car from the "BAD" guys, jump away from it when you are near the fire, something will burn ... and explode!

Back with Mo

Look at the spare parts and notice the number 154492 (secret code). Just for fun: talk with Mo. (not too long; it will be boring) Leave the place and go to Corleys factory (behind the building). Kick on the 4th stone when all the black points are aligned on the meters. (begin to count from the stone near the left hatch, from the right to the left) Get in secret passage. Click code 154492 and go to the right. Use magnetic card on card reader and enter the machine room.

Machine Room

Pull down motor lever, pull down lamp lever twice and smell the burning tape! Enter left door and use tape on reel to reel! Enjoy ...

On Truck

Open the grill, open panel and immediatly take Rip's cane? Use can on fan, use Iron Tire on upper fuel line!

In Plane

Use ladder.
In the control room, click on: monitor
take off
post take off
raise gear

Outside Truck

Go inside again.
Click on: monitor
main menu
machine guns
system off
Go inside the plane, go left and use your bike!

The end.


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