Space Quest VI

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When you first get beamed down you'll be trapped in the pavement. All you have to do is wait for the robot to walk real close to you and click the hand icon on him. Roger will grab hold of him and he'll be pulled out.

Then look at the bike that's chained to the lightpost. Then take the id card off of it.

Next thing you do is walk around a little. You're looking for a picture machine or whatever they're called. It'll be in a different area. You just to walk down the street a little. You'll know it when you see it. Get the buckazoid out of you're pocket and click it on it. You now have a picture of Roger.

Go into your pocket and pick the picture. Then without leaving your pocket, click the pictures on the id card. Pretty snazzy, huh?

Now go to the arcade. It's out there. There are only three street areas you can go to on the planet so it's on one of them. Talk to the big guy that's leaning on the arcade machine. Talk to him until he challenge's you to a game of Stooge Fighter 3. Accept his challenge. You can't win but you can try if you want. Talk to him again after you lose and accept his challenge for a rematch. Again you'll lose. Now just leave the arcade.

Go to the "Orion's Belt" bar in the same street area. Walk right past the bar and keep going to the right. The screen scrolls. It took me 20 minutes just to find out the bar was bigger than the screen. Walk onto the little elevator pad to go to the second floor. Show your id card to the people in the booth. They'll all leave. Then take the hoses they were sniffing from off the tank. Go to your pocket and pick "hand" at the bottom of the window and click it on the hoses. Then leave the inventory window and click the hand icon on the tank of nitro the hoses were connected to. Roger will pick it up, but only a little. Then click on the only open ended conduit (pipe) in the corner of the room. You can't see it if the robot-waiter is wiping off the middle table. The conduit is near the ground. It may be hard to find, but it's there.

You can steal some money off the robot-waiter when she's wiping off tables, but I don't think it's really necessary. You can't get over 19 buckazoids from her anyway.

Now you've done all you can in the bar for now. Just leave the bar and wander around the streets. You need to talk to the guy in the trench coat. He's an endozoid hunter and he'll cut you a deal.

Now you need to go back into the bar. Go right all the way and you'll see a closed (and locked) door. Just keep clicking the "walk-to" icon or the "hand" icon on it until Roger breaks the door down. Now go inside.

You'll hear the endodroid threaten the functionality of your internal organs.

Now just grab the metal bar on the ground and leave. If you walk too close to the endodroid or try to do ANYTHING to him...he'll literally turn you inside-out. Try it if you like. It can't hurt anything. If you tried it, just select "Try again" and then leave the basement. (Be sure you have the bar)

Now show the bartender your id card. Order a special. He'll be busy for awhile. Go behind the bar and open the refrigerator. Get the ice tray.

Test all the conduits with valves on them. One of them doesn't squirt water at you. Click the hand icon directly under the valve on this conduit. Roger will break it off.

Now select your hookie hose from your inventory. Click it on the conduit to the left of the bar table. It's an open conduit. There are two of them there. You want to pick the one that's on the left. Roger will hook the hookie hose to the conduit.

Wait for the bartender to finish your drink. You never really do get a drink. It just keeps him busy while you're behind the bar-table (where you're not really supposed to be, according to him). Then click the hand on the hookie hose. Roger will pick it up, but like the nitro tank, you can't walk anywhere with it. Click the end of the hookie hose on end of the conduit you broke off. Roger will put the end of the hose in it.

You have limited time to do this, so hurry. Go back upstairs and click the hand icon on the tank of nitro you moved. Roger will open the valve. Now go back downstairs and into the basement. (If you take too long the bartender will finish with Roger's drink and remove the hose from the broken conduit behind his bar-table)

The endodroid will be frozen from the nitrogen. Hit him with the bar you picked up off the ground. Now sweep his remains up with the dust-pan. Put endodroid cubes in the ice cube tray. Now go put the ice cube tray back in the refrigerator, close the refrigerator door (You get points for this). Then take him right back out. You now have a well frozen endodroid. Go back outside the bar and the endodroid hunter will be leaning against a light-post. Go talk to him. He'll give you 50 buckazoids.

Now go walk around some more and look for a fat drunk wandering around. Talk to him. IT'S ELMO FROM SPACE QUEST 3! Make a deal with him: 1 bottle of high priced liquor for 1 cheat sheet for Stooge Fighter 3. Now go to the liquor store back at the beginning. LOOK! It's ET! Keep clicking the hand icon on ET until Roger pulls his finger. (Yes, you actually get points for this) Now talk to the guy behind the counter and protective glass. Click your buckazoids on him. Roger will buy some of that expensive liquor. Now go back outside. Elmo will be sitting in a drunken stupor. Give him his liquor and he'll give you a cheat-sheet. Look at it in your inventory window. Write down the button combination if you have to. You'll have to enter it manually.

Go back to the arcade and talk to that fat-head that kicked your butt last you played Stooge Fighter. Even though the stakes are high ($300 or Roger's life) accept his challenge. Before you pick your stooge, enter the code on the cheat-sheet by clicking on the buttons on the arcade machine (No, you can't just type them in on your keyboard). A new button will emerge. Now pick your stooge. Use your new weapon as much as you can. (Hint: just keep clicking on the new attack button repeatedly, and don't EVER stop.) After you've won, the guy will give you your well earned 300 buckazoids. Roger will then leave.

Now go to the Inn. It's the building that the hooker is standing next to. Once inside, wait for the Blob-man to finish renting his room and then give the manager your money. Roger will sign-in. Push the summon elevator button. Look at your key to find out your room number. Use your key on your door to try to enter your room. The guys that were sitting in the lounge will kidnap Roger before he even gets in his room.

After they take you to their room, try to get the key for the room off of the nail. You'll, of course, fail. When that kidnapper is occupied again, get the nail that the key was hanging on. Use the nail to pick the lock on the handcuffs. Now that you have the handcuffs off, pull at the poster of an Elvis wanna-be (Pelvis to be exact). Pull at it again or until it comes off the wall. Pick it up. Now set it down on the floor behind your kidnapper. Click the hand on it and Roger will begin to dance. Once Roger finishes click the hand icon on the connector plug on the back of your kidnapper's head. Roger will toast his brain. Now look through the Compact Discs on the table. Look though them until you find one that Roger takes. Use the CD on the computer. Just put it in and then press the power button to turn the computer off. You don't need to read any of what's on it. Get the moddie off of the humidifier, and get your datacorder off the table. Click the hand on the datacorder in your inventory. This will give you a close up on the datacorder. Push the open button. Pull EVERYTHING out of it and set it all to the right of the datacorder.

You need to re-program the datacorder. Each chip is on a plate which it can be removed from. And each chip and plate are hooked into a sensor array which is assigned an IRK. In the setup below I refer to each plate by the two letters on it and to each chip by the three letter abbreviation on it.

So here's the configuration:


If you've done it right you should see the datacorder say "Homing Beacon" in the LCD display when you turn it on.

Get the keycard off the brain-fried kidnapper and use it on the lock by the door.

Nigel won't hurt you (physically), but you can't just leave either. Click the hand icon on different boxes on the ground until Roger gets a moddie from one of them. DO NOT give this moddie to Nigel. Instead go to your inventory and click the hand icon on the moddie labeled "Churlish". Roger will peal the label off. Put the "Churlish" label on the moddie labeled "Burlesque". Now give your newly named moddie to Nigel. Nigel will start to dance and he'll take off his belt. Unfortunately for you, he also takes off everything else. (He does leave his bikini underwear. This IS a PG rated game) After Nigel has finished his little dance, pick up his belt. Take the dampening field remote from it and push the button on it. Now walk outside. Now you can use your home-made homing beacon. Sometimes it won't work right away. If it doesn't, move a little bit and try it again.

A chick named Stellar will save you....and you'll get your fish back. Watch the movies clips and when you finally get control back, go into your inventory and get the personal groomer off of the belt. Then try to put the groomer on the scanning pad. (It looks like a black pad with red cross-hairs on it on the left top of the counter and it has a big column with the letters DNA printed on it directly above it. You can't miss it) Jebba the hop will stop you from using the scanner. Talk to him. Roger will convince him.

After Roger's done convincing Jebba, try to put the groomer on the scanning pad. You'll just get a close-up of the scanner. Again try to put the groomer on the scanning pad. This time Roger will do it. Next push the "scan" button. After it's done scanning, push the "imprint datacard" button and take the card the scanner makes. Then use the datacard on the counsel on the left wall by the intra-ship teleporter pad. Write down the name you see. (You'll need it later) Then go to Roger's quarters by picking intra-ship transport and pick "more" then "Roger's quarters".

Once you're there all you can do is click the hand on the counsel again and look at your messages. After you've viewed the message, go to the transporter room and you'll be beamed down to "Delta-Burksalon".

Once the robot beams you down the captain will talk to Roger and then Roger will walk into the elevator. Click on the buttons with the hand icon and select "Quarters" as your destination.

The old hag will ask you to clean so grab the mop and Roger will start to... well...mop! Then the old bat will ask you to fix something. So go flush the astro-head. (that's a toilet) Then she'll want you to get her medicine. So go open the bathroom mirror. She'll push a button and gas will enter the room. (You have limited time here!) Look at the side of her bed in the middle near the ground. You'll find a piston. Get it. Use the piston on the door. Then sit back and watch the dramatic rescue scene.

Now you're back on the ship. Go back to Roger's quarters after the funeral.

Look at the message. (Wow! I thought she was dead!) Go to the bridge and talk to the captain. (what a loser!) Look at the com-post counsel. Select the database...then "entity database"...then "known races". Look up "Vulgars". Read it if you like. Write down the holo-program number or remember it. (It's not that hard of a number. In fact, it's 5551212. Pretty simple, huh?) Now go to the holocabana.

Look at the counsel on the wall. (not the com-post...the other one) Push the "on" button, enter the program number you found in the database and push the enter button. Watch the Kung-fu hero wanna-be do his thing and then go to 8-rear. (With the intraship transporter if you can't figure that out by now)

Talk to the guy that's sitting alone. Keep talking to him until he gives you both his arm AND his eye. Now go to sickbay.

Click the hand icon on the very right of the counter in the middle of the screen about half way down. Roger will open the cabinet and get a syringe of morphine. Now go to the shuttle-bay entrance.

Click the hand icon on the little guy. Roger will do the Vulgar neck pinch...and get his butt wasted by the big guy. (Congratulations! You're now in the Brig!)

Just wait for the elephant nosed guy to teleport in and give you a bunch of food. Take all the food off the tray. Make a replica of Roger out of food. (that elephant nosed guy has BAD eyesight) This is kind of tough because you have to assemble your replica in the right order or else that annoying narrator guy keeps telling you that you can't do that. Just keep trying the fruit on different fruit. Here's a little hint: You build your replica from the bottom up. Start with the feet and legs. Put the ear looking things on the shishka-bobs. Then put your newly made legs on the ribs. Put all that on the bread. Then all that on the potato thingies. Then all that on the melon. Then top it off with that spaghetti stuff. Wait for the elephant guy to leave and come back. He'll take away your tray but don't worry. When he returns just wait until he starts looking at the other cell. Quickly put your "carbon copy quality" replica of Roger on the bed and get in the hover tray. He'll move the tray with Roger in it out of the cell and leave. Then go back to the shuttle-bay entrance.

Fill the donut with morphine and put it on the pile by the big guy with the rest of them. After the big guy is out, do the Vulgar neck pinch on the little guy again. Roger will get the keys off the little guy. Push the right button and use the android arm to push the left.

Push the button on the key chain to identify your ship. Get in your ship. (it looks EXACTLY like the one on the box) Sit down in the left seat. Roger will instead grab a recall notice. Read it. You'll need it later. Sit down. Push power. Punch the ICD button. Set fuel #1 to Lanthanum by pushing the red button on the same line until it says it. Set fuel #2 to Sulfur and fuel #3 to Silver and the catalyst to Neon the same way. The confirmation is Lasagna. Then push the little button that initiates the launch. It's right in front of Roger. Just look for it. (It's a rather small button...barely big enough for Roger's finger) There...you start to take off...and then a storm trooper throws a fish into your engine intake.

After you've stalled, push the flashing button. Then, open the glove box. It's right under the middle display that the captain's message was shown on.

Get everything out of it. Then stand up and click the datacorder on Roger. Open it. Get the dylithium Crystal out of it. Put glue on the crystal in your inventory. Open the panel on the left wall of the shuttle that houses the main crystal. Put glue on that crystal and then put the little crystal into the big crystal to make one complete crystal. Close the panel.

Open the panel closest to Manuel's seat. It's about as tall as Roger. Get the EVA suit and helmet. Click the suit and helmet on Roger. Go out into space the same way you got into the shuttle. (Just to see is you were reading ahead I failed to mention that you have to pull the Trunk and Hood levers in the cockpit before you even go outside. If you didn't i suggest you go back in and do it.) Get the sign and jumper cables out of the trunk. Put the sign on the tail fin.

When the chick stops Roger will give her one end of the jumper cables. This is where you needed to read that recall notice. Look at it in your inventory. Hook up the + and - ends of your end of jumper cable as it says in the notice. If you do it wrong...well...Roger will get fried! Get the fish out of the engine intake. Go back into the ship.

Sit down in your chair in the cockpit again. Start up the beast by pushing the launch initiation button again.

Once you're at Delta-Burksalon V, stand up and walk out the door into the tower. (Look familiar?) Go to "Lab A". Next to the computer on a shelf you'll notice a box that has "Hi-tek stuff" written on it. Click the hand on it. Search around in it and get the moddie out of it. (it's red and right in the front of the box. you can only see half of it.) Then go back into the elevator and go back to your ship.

Sit back down in you're seat in the cockpit and make sure the power is on. Push the PTS button. A little red light on a button will light up on the instrument on the dash when you do this. Push that button. It should make a picture. Get the picture. Push the button again. Again, get the picture. Go to your inventory and peal the negatives away from the pictures. Put one negative and one picture on the monitor that has a blue background with little white lines across it in that order. Push the initiation button. Select the planet that's NOT Delta-Burksalon V.

Talk to Manuel once you're there. Have him beam you down. Go to the store named "Implants and stuff". Talk to the owner. Click the eye icon on the neon sign of the brain with the letters "b d" under it to the left of the owner. Click the moddie on him.

Go back to where you were beamed down and push the button on the signaler that Manuel gave you.

Sit back down, make sure the power is on, and go back to Delta-Burksalon V by pushing the initiation button...AGAIN.

Go back to "Lab A". Sit at the computer. Make sure it's turned on. Select "cyber-space" and plug your jack into the connector socket.

(Wow....trippin'! Some information superhighway!) You have to go the long way around the broken bridge. Just follow the road. It takes awhile. Eventually you'll end up at a construction site. Get the screw driver off the ground and the plank off the I-beams. Go inside the building.

Take a number and talk to the "Sis Inny". Open the number display and tweak it with the screw driver. Close it and go talk to the "Sis Inny" again. She'll let you into the file area.

Go down the aisle marked "J-R". Walk to the right until you reach the "R" section. Nigel Rancid's file is in the first "R" drawer. You need to open other drawers to create steps to get to it. If you look carefully, you'll notice that drawers that can be opened have a small "shadow" along the top and left side of them. This is a big help. Get all the files that are references as well. You should have "Beleauxs, Rancid, Sharpei, Santiago, and project immortality" before you leave. You can't leave the windows office area with the files so you have to click each file on the printer. After you've printed all five files (which will be printed outside of cyberspace) you can leave. Go back to the bridge and use the plank on it. Now you can get out without the hassle you went through to get in.

Once out of cyberspace, grab the printed files on the right of the computer. Show the documents to Dr. Beleauxs. (The purple guy with the big head) He'll be convinced of his wrong doing and agree to help you.

Once inside of Stellar you have to put on your EVA suit. (You don't need to wear your helmet, but you need it for later so take it with you) Exit the ship. Get the blood vessels off from the left wing of the ship. (it's on the right side since it's facing you) And get the capillaries off from the nose of the ship. Now exit into the ulcer. You'll notice it because it's the red infected hole in the stomach Roger's walking on.

Climb down to the bottom of the stomach, but stay away from the nanites. (They kill Roger) get the feather, the staple, an M&M, and the string of celery. (The celery is that green string on the side of her stomach.) Throw the M&M into the closest pool of stomach acid. Now throw the rest in. (you have to do it one by one) Now go into your inventory and use the duct-tape on the blood vessels. Then use the blood vessels on the pump. (that thing with the hand-crank) Now use the staple on the celery. Climb back up the side of the stomach, but don't leave it. Use your new grappling hook on the lip that hangs down from the very top of the stomach. Roger will throw his grappling hook at it. Now climb back down and then climb up the celery.

Climb past the piece of twinky. Climb all the way up to the pill stuck in Stellar's esophagus. Pull the pill out. Now tickle the side of Stellar's throat with the feather. Climb back down into the stomach. Now climb down into the duodenum. (it's that hole on the left side of Stellar's stomach)

Once you're inside exit to the bottom of the screen. Then climb into the hole on the right wall. Then go up the tube into the gall bladder. Use the pump on the liquid. (This is what you needed that helmet for.) Now leave. Just leave the pump. Now get some of the pieces of gall stone on the floor of the tube. Now follow the tube to the right. Use the alveoli stuff in the tight spot on the way to the pancreas. Click the mouth icon on it (after Roger shoves it in) to have him inflate it. Now keep going right. (Wow! The pancreas!) Use your helmet on the pool of pancreatic fluid. (That liquid stuff Roger's walking in)

Now go back to the stomach and use the magic blend you have in Roger's helmet on the pill. Get some of the tablets. Now go back into the duodenum but this time don't climb into the hole on the right. Exit To the bottom of the screen again. Now keep clicking at the bottom of the screen until you can see a tape worm. Don't get too close. If you do, the worm will eat Roger.

Feed the tape worm the tablets. Click the hand on the tape worm. At the end of the ride, exit to the right, following the tube.

Get a piece of the red fingernail, pull a piece off of the chunk of silver, and break off a piece of the paper clip. Now go back and ride the worm again.

Go back to your ship and click the chunk of silver on the flashing light. Now go back inside your ship. This is difficult because you have to click on the door and the ship is at a bad angle. If you can't get it you have to keep trying.

Once Roger is inside, sit down at the seat and put the CD that's in your inventory in the slot labeled "Subroutine Programs". Now push the initiation button. When you reach the brain, get your EVA suit, put it on, and go outside.

Use the broken fingernail on the layer of tissue that Roger is walking on. Now walk across the brain to the left. Keep going until you reach a gap. Try to walk across the gap until Roger backs up, runs, and attempts to jump it. When Roger is hanging on keep clicking the walk icon to the left of him. Eventually Roger will pull himself up if you do this. Now keep walking left. You will find to nanites...BIG nanites. If you try you can walk deeper into the background. Just search for it, it's there. When Roger is there, throw the pieces of gallstone at one robot. Then a piece at the other. Then one last piece at the first robot. (I don't think it matters which you start with but I'm not sure) The nanites will fight, and deactivate each other. Now push the button on the elevator.

Push the "down" button on the elevator but keep stopping it to read the signs that are on the brain. Find Stellar's cough control section and poke it with the piece of paper clip. Now you can keep going down. After you go down far enough, you will end up in a room with a bunch of garbage in it. Just click the hand icon on the gap where the light is coming through.

When you get a chance to move, use the piece of paper clip on the bundle of nerves that are sparking on the very right of the screen. Roger will fry the robot to a crisp.

Just when you think it's over, that darn hag takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'! When the brain of Sharpei (I think the size of Sharpei's brain, however, is QUITE accurate) picks Roger up and you get control back. Give the fish to Sharpei's brain. (YES! You actually get to use that fish!)

The end.


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