Shannara Walkthrough

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Scene 1: Brook at Shady Vale

1. Take the journal.

2. Take the fishing pole.
3. Take the stick.
4. Move the branches with the fishing pole.
5. Tie the stick to the fishing pole.
6. Catch the locket with the fishing pole.

Scene 2: Shella trapped under fallen tree.

1. Push the large rock.
2. Move the log with the fishing pole.
3. Talk to Shella.
4. Choose "Why are you here?"
5. Choose "What did your locket look like?"
6. Choose "Why is the locket so important?"
7. Give the locket to Shella, then choose any response.

Scene 3: City of Leah.

1. Go North.
2. Go North. (Enter Mansion)
3. Go West. (Climb stairs)
4. Take the teacup.
5. Choose any response.
6. Go East. (Leave room)
7. Go South. (Leave Mansion)
8. Go South.
9. Go East. (Enter Herb shop) 10. Show the teacup to herbalist.
11. Take the green potion.
12. Choose "I think I can use it to help King Menion."
13. Go Southwest. (Leave Herb shop)
14. Go North.
15. In the garden pour the green potion on the Dogwood tree.
16. Take the flowers.
17. Go North. (Enter Mansion)
18. Take the potpourri.
19. Go West. (Climb stairs)
20. Take the steam pot.
21. Pour the steam pot on the brazier.
22. Take the charcoal from the brazier.
23. Go East. (Leave room)
24. Go South. (Leave Mansion)
25. Go South.
26. Go East. (Enter Herb shop)
27. Take the paper from the herbalists hand.
28. Mix the charcoal with the pestle.

Scene 4: King Menion cured and Allanon has arrived.

1. Go East. (Leave room)
2. Go South. (Leave Mansion)
3. Go South.
4. Go North.
5. Choose "There must be another way out of Leah."
6. Go North. (Enter Mansion)
7. Show the locket to the servant.
8. Choose "Shella wanted to see you in te library."
9. Unlock the Dragon design on the wall with the locket.

Scene 5: Broken Ferry at the river crossing.

1. Talk to the Gardener.
2. Choose "Why did you murder the Herbalist?"
3. Catch the pully with the fishing pole.
4. Click on the bow then click on the brake holding the ferry.

Scene 6: A suprise at the city gates of Tyrsis.

6. Give food to Brendel.
7. Choose "Why are you here?"
8. Go South.
9. Go Southwest.
10. Go Southwest.
11. Go Southwest.
12. Go Northwest.
13. Go Northwest.
14. Go Northwest.
15. Take the laurel branch.
16. Go Southeast.
17. Go Southeast.
18. Go Southeast.
19. Go Northeast.
20. Go Northeast.
21. Go Northeast.
22. Open the door.
23. Give the branch to Brendel.
24. Talk to guard.
25. Choose "Excuse me a minute."
26. Talk to Brendel.
27. Choose "What do we do now?"
28. Choose "Good night, Brendel."

Scene 7: Inside the city of Tyrsis.

1. Show Shella's locket to the Seneschal.
2. Go West. (Enter Library)
3. Look at the door on the cabinet.
4. Read the book on the bookstand.
5. Go South (Exit Library)
6. Talk to the Seneschal.
7. Choose "Could we look at the book from the locked cabinet in the library?"
8. Choose "We can't ge the Sword of Shannara unless we get rid of the magical barrier, can we, Shella?".
9. Take the book.
10. Cut the book with the knife.
11. Read the book.
12. Go South. (Exit Library)
13. Choose "Can we examine the throne room."
14. Go North. (Enter thorne room)
15. Oil the lion's jaw with the oil.
16. Pry the lion's jaw with the knife.
17. Push the tapestry.
18. Unlock the keyhole with the key.
19. Push the tapestry.
20. Go North. (Enter secret passage)
21. Light the lantern.
22. Light the candle.

23. Attack the dark mirror with the sword.
24. Look at the skull.
25. Open the skull.
26. Take the scroll.
27. Go South. (Leave secret passage)
28. Go South. (Leave throne room)
29. Invoke the scroll on the book.
30. Choose "If I summoned Stenmin, I'm certain he could help me get the Sword of Shannara."
31. Choose "Stenmin's book will help us against him."
32. Choose "I intend to do whatever it takes to get the Sword of Shannara."
33. Take the mace.
34. Go Northeast. (Enter wine cellar)
35. Put the incense on the floor.
36. Put the pact on the floor.
37. Have Brendel put the mace on the floor.
38. Light the incense with the tinderbox.
39. Invoke the book on the pact.
40. Invoke the book on the mace.
41. Talk to the Shade.
42. Choose "By the power of the book, I command you to obey!"
43. Invoke the book on the Shade.
44. Talk to the Shade.
45. Choose "How do we destroy the magical barrier around the vault of the Sword of Shannara?"
46. Choose "Will this Spell of Disruption completely destroy the magical barrier?" 47. Talk to the Shade.
48. Choose "Shade of Stenmin, I banish thee from this world forever."
49. Choose "The words seemed to be inside my head."
50. Take the bottle.
51. Fill the bottle from the cask.
52. Go Northeast. (Leave the wine cellar)
53. Go South (Outside Gate)
54. Go Northwest.
55. Go Northwest.
56. Go Northwest.
57. Take the laurel leaves.
58. Put the leaves in the bottle.
59. Put the potpourri in the bottle.
60. Go Southeast.
61. Go Southeast.
62. Go Southeast.
63. Go Northeast.
64. Go Northeast.
65. Go Northeast.
66. Click on Shella.
67. Click on the oak tree.
68. Click on climb.
69. Put the mistletoe in the bottle.
70. Go Southwest.
71. Go Southwest.
72. Go Southwest.
73. Go North. (Enter City)
74. Go East.
75. Pour the bottle on the flame barrier.

Scene 8: Arrive at Arborlon.

1. Choose "I am Jak Ohmsford, this is Princess Shella Leah and Brendel."
2. Go North.
3. Go North. (Enter Manor)
4. Choose "We are seeking Elfstones."
5. Choose "Where can I find some Elfstones?"
6. Choose "Will you help us find the Elfstones?"
7. Look at the Parchment.
8. Try to light the fireplace.
9. Go South (Exit Manor)
10. Go North (Re-enter Manor)
11. Go Northwest. (Enter Throne Room)
12. Go South (Exit Throne Room)
13. Choose "Where can we find these Rune Diamonds".
14. Choose "Where are we supposed to look for Rune Diamonds".
15. Go South. (Exit Manor)
16. Click on Shella's inventory.
17. Fill the hole in the fountain with the kerchief.
18. Click on Brendel's inventory.
19. Click on the pot.
20. Click on Jak.
21. Click on Jak's inventory.
22. Fill the pot with the clay.
23. Go West. (Outside of the Garden of Life)
24. Remove the vines.
25. Close the gate.
26. Take the Life Rune.
27. Go East.
28. Go South.
29. Give the rope to Lessa.
30. Choose "Will you take the rope and let us borrow the ladder for a while?"
31. Climb the ladder.
32. Take the shingles.
33. Remove the bird's nest.
34. Oil the weather vane with the oil.
35. Turn the weather vane.
36. Go South.
37. Give the journal to Brendel.
38. Go North. (Enter Manor)
39. Light the fireplace.
40. Go South.
41. Climb ladder.
42. Put the shingles on the metal piece.
43. Go South.
44. Take Ladder
45. Choose "I'll be happy to help you."
46. Go North
47. Go North (Enter mansion)
48. Show the silver ring to Davio
49. Go South.
50. Choose "Sir, we need it to get the Elfstones."
51. Go South.
52. Go South.
53. Give the gold ring to Lessa.
54. Talk to Lessa.
55. Choose "We do have a problem dealing with Prince Arion."
56. Fill the carved stone with the clay.
57. Pour the water on the Flagstone.
58. Take the flagstone.
59. Put the Flagstone in the clay.
60. Take the Earth Rune.
61. Go North.
62. Go West.
63. Open the Gate.
64. Go North.
65. Put the Elf rune on the rune stone.
66. Put the Earth Rune on the rune stone.
67. Put the Air Rune on the rune stone.
68. Put the Fire Rune on the rune stone.
69. Put the Water Rune on the rune stone.
70. Put the Life Rune on the rune stone.
71. Take the Elfstones.
72. Go South.
73. Go East.
74. Go North (Enter Mansion).
75. Choose "We will take our leave of you now."
76. Choose "thank You for all your help."
77. Give the Elfstones to Davio.
78. Choose "We're looking for the Trolls and the Black Irix."

Scene 9: Arch of Death Canyon Trap.

1. Click on Telsek.
2. Click on Take.
3. Click on Boulder.
4. Click on Telsek's inventory.
5. Click on Boulder.
6. throw the boulder at the arch.
7. Go North.
8. Enter the cave. (Go North)
9. Light Lantern.
10. Show Letter of Safe Passage to Aine.
11. Choose "I'll take you to your father."
12. Look at the dark object.
13. Choose "Thanks for the information?"
14. tie the rope to the Black Irix.

Scene 10: Battle on the Plains.

1. Go East
2. Choose "This entire war is a plot by Brona to weaken both the Elves and the trolls."
3. Choose "Is there any way to end this war without Trolls and Elves dying."
4. Go West.
5. Go West.
6. Give the letter to the guard.
7. Choose "Why don't the Elves choose a weapon that will give them the advantage?"
8. Go West.
9. Search the nest.
10. Give the feather to Telsek.
11. Go West.
12. Go West.
13. Go North.
14. Click on Brendel's inventory.
15. Click on the spoiled wine.
16. Click on Jak.
17. Go South.
18. Go East.
19. Go East.
20. Give the spoiled wine to the Cook.
21. Go West.
22. Go West.
23. Put the worms on the fishing pole.
24. Fish in the stream witht he fishing pole.
25. Go West.
26. Go West.
27. Talk to the guard.
28. Choose "Do you know of a guard named Hani?"
29. Choose "We helped your sister, Lessa, in Arborlon."
30. Choose "Will you help us as we have helped your sister?"
31. Choose "Your sister is well, and sends her greetings."
32. Talk to the guard.
33. Choose "Hani, we need the Trolls' cooperation to stand against the Warlock Lord."
34. Choose "By my father's name and the Sword of Shannara, I swear that Brona is back."
35. Choose "Brona tricked the Trolls into this war."
36. Choose "Hani, we need your help."
37. Choose "I need to borrow your shield, I offer you the Sword of Shannara as security."
38. Choose "Ask a riddle about the Elf Stones."
39. Go East through Jannison Pass.
40. Go South to Storlock.

Scene 11: Arrive at the Storlock.

1. Go Northeast.
2. Click on Shella's inventory.
3. Click on the kerchief.
4. Click on the arrows.
5. Click on Jak's inventory.
6. Click on the oil.
7. Click on Shella.
8. Click on Shella's inventory.
9. Click on the arrow.
10. Click on light.
11. Talk to the Healer.
12. Choose "Is there anyway you Gnomes can help us against the Warlock Lord?"
13. Choose "What kind of power can we offer a Gnome?"
14. Choose "Where can we find the Helm of Command?"
15. Go Southwest.
16. Go Southwest.
17. Pass Wofskagg Mountains.
18. Go Southeast.
19. Go straight towards Silver River.

Scene 12: Arrive at Culhaven.

1. Choose "King Balinor was to send word that we needed the Hammer."
2. Go East.
3. Go East.
4. Talk to Davio.
5. Choose "I'll go search for the hammer."
6. Go West.
7. Go North.
8. Go South.
9. Look at cupboard.
10. Go East.
11. Talk to Davio.
12. Choose "One of the beer steins is missing. I'd like to look at that one."
13. Open stein.
14. Go West.
15. Give sash to Kili.
16. Choose "You hid the hammer of power, and you blamed us for the theft."
17. Choose "Kili must have stolen the hammer as he was walking his rounds as a guard."
18. Click on backpack.
19. Click on open.
20. Go North.
21. Put the handle on the hole in the wall.
22. Push the handle.

Scene 13: River Battle.

1. Choose "Alright, lets go put a dent in Brona's plans and a breech in that bridge."
2. Go Northeast.
3. Choose "Davio, could you use the elfstones to trigger the dam to break?"
4. Click on the magic dust.
5. Click on the pond.
6. Click on Davio's inventory.
7. Click on the Elfstones.
8. Click on the dam.
9. Choose "Let's go finish what we've started here."

Scene 14: Rope Bridge

1. Go Northwest.
2. Choose "Tie the rope aorund your waist and let Telsek secure the end."
3. Go Northwest.
4. Choose "Don't worry, Shella. You'll be ok."
5. Talk to Shella.
6. Choose "Shella, dont' give up. We'll think of something."
7. Choose "Shella, I am going to use the ritual of Release."
8. Cut Shella with sword.

Scene 15: Gnome Camp

1. Click on the boot heel.
2. Click on touch.
3. Click on teh boot heel.
4. Click on the push.
5. Click on the nails.
6. Click on the rope.
7. Take the coarse rope.
8. Click on teh boot heel.
9. Click on the left side of the tent.
10. Go West.
11. Click on the boot heel.
12. Click on the tent to the left.
13. Go West.
14. Click on the blindfold.
15. Click on the Gnome Shaman.
16. Click on the Magic Torc.
17. Click on take.
18. Click on the coarse rope.
19. Click on teh Gnome Shaman.
20. Go East.
21. Go East.
22. Click on the key ring.
23. Click on the metal bound chest to the right.
24. Open the metal bound chest.
25. Click on the key ring.
26. Click on the metal bound chest to the left.
27. Open the metal bound chest.
28. Go West.
29. Go West.
30. Talk to Geeka.
31. Choose "We need your help to stop Brona from destroying everything."
32. Choose "Geeka can be very powerful, too, if you help us."
33. Choose "I know something that will give you more power than the Torc."
34. Choose "Why do you want to be so powerful?"
35. Choose "You can open the pit, and we'll take you to the Helm of Command."
36. Go East.
37. Go East.
38. Click on Geeka.
39. Click on the metal bound chest on the left.
40. Click on take.
41. Click on Geeka's inventory.
42. Click on the handle.
43. Click on the hole.
44. Click on Jak's inventory.
45. Click on the rope.
46. Click on the metal bound chest.
47. Click on the metal bound chest.
48. Click on the pit.
49. Click on Geeka.
50. Click on the pit.
51. Click on enter.
52. Go North.
53. Click on Brendel's inventory.
54. Click on the warhammer.
55. Click on the grating.
56. Click on Brendel.
57. Click on the grating.
58. Click on enter.
59. Go West.
60. Click on Geeka's inventory.
61. Click on the handle.
62. Click on the hole.
63. Go East.
64. Go East.
65. Open the metal plate.
66. Click on the metal plate.
67. Click on fix.
68. Click on Telsek's inventory.
69. Click on the Black Irix.
70. Click on use.
71. Click on Telsek.
72. Click on the wheel.
73. Click on turn.
74. Click on Telsek.
75. Click on the metal door.
76. click on open.
77. Go North.

Scene 16: Valley of Shale

1. Go North.

Scene 17: Inside the Hall of Kings

1. Click on Telsek.
2. Click on the statue.
3. Click on push.
4. Go North.
5. Choose "Do it."
6. Take the Magical Diadem.
7. Go North.
8. Go South.
9. Click on Telsek.
10. Click on the broken door.
11. Click on take.
12. Go North.
13. Click on Brendel.
14. Click on the cage bar.
15. Click on lift.
16. Choose "Please help us get out of here."
17. Click on the cage bar.
18. Click on push.
19. Click on the rope.
20. Click on the cage bar.
21. Click on the rope.
22. Click on climb.
23. Click on look at the top of the idol.
24. Click on Brendel's inventory.
25. Click on the Warhammer.
26. Click on the idol crystal eye.
27. Click on the idol.
28. Click on climb.
29. Draw the Sword of Shannara.
30. Choose "Because it was my duty."
31. Go forward.
32. Enter either door.
33. Go forward.
34. Choose "You told me to leave you."
35. Go forward.
36. Enter either door.
37. Go forward.
38. Choose "We saved more lives than we lost."
39. Go forward.
40. Enter either door.
41. Go forward.
42. Choose "You chose to die to save our lives, Davio. You saved us all."
43. Go forward.
44. Enter either door.
45. Go forward.
46. Choose "I used the Ritual of Release to save your soul."
47. Go forward.
48. Enter either door.
49. Go forward.
50. Choose "It doesn't matter whether or not I'm a hero, it only matters what I do."
51. Click on the Sword of Shannara.
52. Click on the book.

The End.

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