Pinball World Hints

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Pinball World is based on an adventure concept and moves serveral steps away from a traditional pin sim. Each table in the game has to be finished by illuminating the letters of the country name. The player must co-ordinate the flippers to shoot at targets which will light up consecutive letters of the word. Travelling from one table to the next is about to get easier...

When the game starts, the table select screen has to be played first. Hitting the various targets increases the basic starting score and then letting the ball drop between the flippers opens the selected table. BEFORE it falls through the flippers type SAMHILL. If you were successful the message "Cheat mode enable" will appear across the bottom of the screen.

When you drop into the table simply type the letter T to switch to cursor control of the ball. This will allow you to move the ball around the table using the cursor arrow key pad and light all the necessary letters as quickly as possible. Have fun on the sub-games that link these tables and increase Pinball World's playability and long-term appeal still further.

Or if you prefer to move directly onto any one of the other tables, hit Escape followed by Y to bring up a full menu of all the main and bonus tables and then choose the one you would like to play.

PLUS complete all 17 of the tables to gain access to the final two 'SECRET' tables, packed full with even more animations. One final surprise is in store for the total pinball expert who finishes the two secret tables and therefore completes the whole game.

These hints have been provided by Twenty First Century Entertaiment


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