Magic Carpet Tips

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General Tips for the Novice

One of the great features of Magic Carpet is that a million different players can adopt a million different strategies, but it's possible for all to be victorious. Magic Carpet is a game of such freedom that there is no real definite way to finish the game, the method of completion being entirely up to the player. Experimentation with strategies and play methods can pay off in a big way, but there is no substitute for a skilled joypad handler with bloody fast fingers.

In the Beginning...

The first ten levels of Magic Carpet have a solid learning curve that a smart player will take immediate advantage of. The first five levels should be used as a sort of contrived training ground for would-be wizards - after all, that's what they were designed for. These levels are perfect for honing your skills as a master Carpet flyer, and you should remember that being skilled on the Carpet is the most important skill you can have, above even skilled spell casting. Use these easy introductory levels to train yourself in flying, and play them again and again if need be so that you should be able to despatch any of the early nasties with ease. You should also concentrate on learning to switch spells as fast as possible - it may save your life!

Flying tips

In Magic Carpet, learning to use your Carpet well is imperative to a successful game. For this reason you should practice using the following guidelines:

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