Pinball Illusions Hints

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Here are a few hints to help you rack up your high scores in Pinball Illusions.


Go right back to the days of pillaging and join in with this notorious battle hungry race as they rampage their way from continent to continent.

The video-game mode for this table finds you captaining a Viking Longboat safely through a sea filled with rocks. At first it is relatively easy to steer your vessel between the obstacles using the left and right flipper keys. But before long the rocks start coming thick and fast so Digital Illusions have armed you with a one time smart bomb when you hit the return key, that will blow them out of the water and leave you free to finish the course in safety.


A favourite amongst many, Law 'n' Justice has eight modes including three multi-ball modes.

A top tip for this table is to enable the mode which will rack up the highest scores in the shortest amount of time. Ricochet off the mushroom bumpers until Dynamite Dork is flashing and shoot the start mode to activate all the bombs in the city hall. Your job is then to deactivate all his bombs before the timer reaches zero and then lock him up for good in the city jail by shooting the Super Jackpot.


Impressing the beach babes has never been so easy with five modes to choose from and a host of 'dude' accessories to collect.

Demonstrate your co-ordination skills by hitting the casino combo. If you succeed four times in a row, then all eight of the white million targets will be lit for a limited period. Literally watch your score mount up as you ricochet from one million to the next.


Seven extreme sports from bungee jumping to off-piste skiing are enough to turn nerves of steel into jelly.

The best scores can be gained in the free falling mode where the player who can remain cool as a cucumber to the last second will be awarded the most points. Don't open your parachute until the last four seconds of the time period and you'll walk away with your life and the Extreme Adrenaline Bonus.

These tips have been provided by Twenty First Century Entertainment


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