Dragon Lore

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Note: Never talk to anyone with a weapon or book in your hand.

Disk 1

Talk to old man whittling. He tells you to get a bowl. Look around the farm house and in the cart. You'll find things like a war hammer and a curved sword. Go out the gate. Turn right. Go straight, turn right, then straight to the very end ingnoring creature. You're now in the pasture. Go to the small structure and retrieve a bone. Go back to where the creature is and give it the bone. (You can also kill the creature but that may lead you down another path). Go to the barn-like structure and retrieve the bowl. Go back to the farm house and give the bowl to the old man. You can now enter the farm house. Talk to old man. He tells you to take Daisy to the pasture. Get the rope from the farm house. Go out the gate. This time bare left. Go to the broken gate before you reach creature #2. Use the rope on Daisy. Daisy will now follow you to the pasture. Lead Daisy to the pasture. Use the rope on the tree near Daisy. Go back to the farm house. Talk to the old man. Take ring and whistle. Take the flint, sulphur, quaterstaff, armour and shield. Wear the armour by clicking it on Werner's chest. Use the shield by clicking it on Werner's right hand. Use the war hammer or the sword in Werner's left hand. Go back to creature #2 who is blocking your path. Use the whistle and the creature will let you by. Go straight to the stone monolith. Turn right. Enter the large skull to the left. Go to end of the corridor and get key. Exit skull and enter the right hand skull. Open gate with key. Turn around and exit gate quickly. Turn around and wait for skeleton to come near gate. Enter gate and now skeleton is stuck near gate. If you kill the skeleton you can take its Halberd. Look on the hallway wall to the right upon entering the gate. Find and push the off-color brick causing boulder to roll. Look closely at the smashed boulder and retrieve the key. Use the key on the gate at the other end of the hallway. Go down the trap door. Use the von Wallenrod ring on the door. Touch the casket on the side that is missing the ruby. The dragon will then talk to you. Keep talking until he gives you an open door spell. Go back outside to the stone monolith. Turn right. Go to talk to Chen Lai. Walk past Chen Lai thru archway. Go thru the wooden doors. Look on the left wall for an outline. Use the war hammer to smash the wall away and reveal spell book. Take the book. Put open door spell on book. Put book on Werner's eyes to see spell runes. Use book in Werner's left hand. Cast open door spell on second set of wooden doors. Head straight until you reach a crossroads. Turn left and enter the inn. Talk to Albert and George until they give you a ladle. Go out the inn across the crossroads and into the cave. Kill the dragonfly. Get some resin with the ladle from the back. Give the ladle with resin to Albert and George. Take the rope, the morning star, and the fireball spell. Go back to the crossroads, turn left towards the web. Put the fireball spell in the book and cast it at the web. Go straight towards Diakonov and talk to him. Kill his demon and take the oar from it by right clicking its corpse. Use the oar on the barge and head across the river. Talk to Formar Thain of Hav'shal. Go straigth until you run into some colums. Look for a strange skull. Attach the skull to your rope to make a grappling hook. Use it on the tree branch over the man-eating plant and swing over it. Talk to Tanathya Hyrenapth. Go straight to the Toadstool village. Talk to Cheldrya Serpentina. Find the other bridge away from the Toadstool village toward the left. Go towards the fountain. Take the first path to the left. Enter the tree house. Talk to woman in tree. Take cog. Go to upper level of tree house and get piece of cloth from drawer. Go back to the fountain. Soak cloth in fountain. Turn left. Take first path on left. Go to garden. For a nice dragon ride pick a flower. Talk to Arthus of Erwyndyll. Go back to garden. Use wet cloth over mouth and nose. Pick a blue flower. Take it back to the Toadstool village. Smell the flower. You will shrink at this point. Kill the scorpion. Pick up the blue vial. The blue vial heals you. Enter nearby toadstool. Talk to the sprite until he gives you a dispell illusion spell. Put the spell in the book. Leave the toadstool. Look for another toadstool without the sprite. Enter the toadstool. Look for a green vial in the cupboard by the bed. Leave the toadstool. Use the green vial and you'll grow again. Go back to the garden and continue thru it until you see Kuru the Seneschal. Talk to Kuru. Put the missing cog on the wall. Look at the wall to the right of to cogs and you will see an outline. Cast the dispell illusion on the wall and a doorway will appear. Enter the doorway take a left at the first fork. Take a right at the second fork. Take a right at the third fork. Talk to Klaus von Straupzig. Take the torch from the floor and head back to the third fork. This time take the left side to a red room. The center lamp is a bucket. Take it to the first fork and this time to the right side. Fill the bucket in the well. Take it outside to the cogs. Place the bucket full of water on the lever buy the cogs. Go to the see-saw and take the silver chest. Go back to the red room. Go through the doorway to a green crypt room. Give the chest to Fujitomo No Samatory's skeleton. Take his ring. Use the torch in the dark doorway on the other side of the green room. Talk to Herg Nach Drakhonen. Go straight to the river. Jump in the river. Either get swallowed by the pike or kill it. If you kill it take the diamond from the dead pike's body by right clicking the body for its inventory. If you're swallowed pick up the diamond and then slash at its internals and you'll be thrown clear onto the other bank of the river. Head towards the mountains. Jump past the tree toward the lake. Walk into the waterfall and give the duck dragon the diamond. Take the duck dragon's jewel back to Herg Nach Drakhonen. Go back towards the waterfall and jump across the lake on the rocks. Walk up the spiral path to the stone henge like structure. Talk to Hellaynea D'Artica. Use your ring to prove who you are. Spar with her. Take the pick axe. Go back down. Use the pick axe on the blocked pathway. Go through. Talk to Diakonov. Take his axe. Chop down the dead tree. Walk across the tree bridge. Talk to and kill the two thieves. Take the bag and Kuru's sword. Head between the mountains. Talk to Alexandre of Egregalionne & Sylvan of Sygill. Give them the vase in the bag. You can use the bag to conviently hold a bunch of your stuff. Head towards the castle.

Disk 2

Go through the gates. Pass the Guardian dragon. Show the dragon on the drawbridge your ring. Enter castle. Kill the undead guy. Go to the throne and touch the brass serpent. Number the doors in the main hall in clock wise order from 0 to 6 with 0 being the castle entrance. Enter doorway #1. Get the holy water sprinkler from the alter. Go to the back of the chapel and through the back doorway. Get the candles from the shelf and the bible from the book stand. Go back to the alter and place the candles in the candlestick holder. Take the piece of the von Wallenrod Seal. Enter doorway #2. Make a right and head for the back wall. Smash the bottle on the shelf by clicking a weapon on it. Take stone eye #1. There's an effigy of a dragon god above the bed in the other room. I couldn't find a use for it. Enter doorway #4. Retrieve the orna (sword) at the bottom of the spiral staircase. Go back to and enter doorway #3. Place orna on the display missing its twin to reveal a secret compartment. Add the piece of the von Wallenrod Seal to the rest. Enter doorway #5. Go through the pink closet to the room beyond. Get a key from the lamp above the chess board. Use it on the chest. Add the final piece to the rest of the von Wallenrod Seal. Enter doorway #6. Touch the dragon bookstand and pay attention. Go back to doorway #4 down the spiral staircase. Touch the von Wallenrod Seal to the door with the markings. Go through the door. This room has debris on the floor. Take the door to the left. Go up the ladder and take the broken key. Go back to the room with the debris. Take the door straight across. You enter a room with doorways from 0 to 7 again in clockwise fashion with door 0 being the one you just came in through. Enter doorway #1. Turn right. Go forward. Touch the skeleton lying down on the bench. Take stone eye #2. Go out nearby doorway #2. Enter doorway #3. Go through the door on the right. Your in the kitchen. Take the ladle from the shelf. Go back to the 8 doorway room. Take doorway #4. Make right. Go forward through door. Look under sheet. Take stone eye #3. Exit nearby door #5. Take doorway #6. Your in the blacksmith's workarea. Go through the door in the back and look for a sack of coal. Take sack of coal and put it in the fire pit. Light the coal buy clicking the flint on the sulphur. Click on the bellows to stoke the fire. Get the hammer from the table with the three sword on it. Heat up the key in the fire. Put the red hot key on the anvil. Use the hammer to reforge the key. Get some water from the trough using the ladle. Quench the key. Take the hacksaw that's near the black kettle on the floor. Go back to the 8 doorway room. Use the key on the final locked door #7. Go downstairs. There's a dragon fountain in front of you. Three cells are on the right. Numbered from left to right 0 to 2. Enter cell #1. Take receptacle (small skeleton). Leave the sword. Put the receptacle on the skeleton in cell #2. Put the bible on the skeleton. Put the holy water sprinkler on the skeleton. Step back and take the magicians key. Enter the doorway to right of cell #2. Go to the door within and take the map from the treasure room. Exit to the room with the dragon fountain. Enter the door to the left of cell #0. Kill the orc. Take the pliers. Exit room. Enter the door just across from the one you just left. Go up the stairs jump in the pool. Take the crank. Go back to the dragon fountain room. Use the crank on the dragon head sticking out the wall. Go back to the pool. Go out the back door. Walk on the catwalk. Talk to Phlogiston, Dragon of Fire. Take magic powder. Take sleep potion. Go to castle entrance. Use sleep potion on Guardian dragon. Take molten sphere. Go to spiral stair case. Use magic powder on invisible barrier. Go upstairs. Go through door. Go up to door on left. Kill undead skeleton. Go to door on left side. Look in low drawer and take metal ball #1. Go back to the top of spiral staircase. This time take the door that is straight ahead. Take metal ball #2 from planter to the left. Enter door on the left under ramp. This is the nursery. Take metal ball #3 from the floor. Take the door to the right. Turn left in the hallway. Use the hacksaw on the bars of the window. Go onto the nest. Go to the perch outside the nest and turnaround. Place the molten sphere next to the egg. Use the pliers on the sphere. Click on the egg. The dragon's son will follow you although you can't see it. Go back to the hallway. Take the far door. Take metal ball #4 from the shelf. Go back to the hallway. Go through the middle door. Get twig from the fireplace. Set fire to twig. Give twig to falcon. Four holes appear on floor in front of falcon. Put the metal balls in the holes. Take the talon with the string attached. Go down to the room with the dragon fountain. The room to the immediate left is the armory. On the right wall is a small skull. Put a stone eye in the right side. Take the key (2nd key) that was under the glass case. Exit room. Take the stairs down in the dragon fountain room. Open the door with the magician's key. Enter. Take the dragon saddle. Go through the far door. The dragon will thank for bringing his son. Give the dragon the saddle. Talk to the dragon. He will take you to a secret place if you give him something. Give him anything but your ring and he'll give it back later. In the secret place take the transport spell from the wall. Put it in your spell book. Take the vial of Diakonov's blood from the chest. Invoke the transport spell. Go to the dragon's lair. Get back your item.

Go to the room with 8 doors. There you'll find stone eye #4 on the floor.

Go back to the armory. Use the remaining stone eyes on the two skulls. Retrieve the sword, shield, and crossbow. Go back to the top of the castle. Go to the top of the ramp. Use the 2nd key to open the door. Go through the subsequent door and turn left. Look in the kettle. Use the string with the attached talon in the hole in the kettle. Take the dragon key. Exit room. Go up the stairs. Use the dragon key. Talk to Addlepate. Put the sword, shield and crossbow in the pentacle. After an incantation, he'll tell you that you can take back the stuff in the pentacle. Go to the upper chamber - up the ladder and retrieve the ruby. Addlepate gives you a magic map of the land. (I couldn't figure out how to use the map so I just walked) Go back to von Wallenrod's tomb. Put the ruby in the slot on the casket next to its twin. Touch the original ruby on the other side of the casket. Take the von Wallenrod armour. Go back to the top of the castle. Talk to Addlepate. Show him Diakonov's blood. Follow his instructions. Throw the blood in the pentacle. Take the chalice. Take the power stone (amulet) out of the chalice. Throw it at Diakonov. Take the dragon effigy and the crystal ball. Break the dragon effigy by clicking a weapon on it in inventory. Go back to your dragon and ride him to the Dolmens.

Voting then begins. After you receive the majority of the votes Hellaynea denounces Diakonov.

The end.


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