Broken Sword 2
Part I

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Professor Oubier's study

Examine the book case behind George (RB or LB). LB on wedge (George will kick it away, causing the book case to fall). LB on bracket (on the wall previously hidden by book case). LB on drawer in the bureau to the left of the book case. RB on pot in George's inventory to reveal key. LB on bureau to open it. LB on Tequila to drink it. LB on Tequila worm after George spits it out. LB on dart (on the floor in the middle of the room). LB on Nico's handbag (on the floor by the central windows). RB on the NOTE in inventory (giving Lobineau's phone number). Use dart on cabinet (at the far left of the room, near the fire). Use the panties from Nico's bag on the hot cylinder inside the cabinet. Use the cylinder on the soda syphon. LB on soda syphon. LB on fire. LB on door.


LB on telephone. LB on NEWSPAPER CUTTING beside phone. RB on NEWSPAPER CUTTING in inventory to reveal STATEMENT. Use the KEY on door. LB on door.

The cafe at Montfaucon

Talk to the waiter until he responds, then order a coffee. (Lobineau appears at this point). Talk to Lobineau about the POT (gives Gallery address).

Talk to the man at the table about:

While he holds his heads in his hands and isn't looking:
LB on the small FLASK on his table.

Glease Gallery

Use the FLASK on the glass in the hand of the critic. (Do this until he falls over). LB on the PACKING CASE at the rear of the gallery. LB on the LABEL on the case. Talk to Glease.


The Dock Gates

Walk to the hut. LB on the window to talk to the watchman. LB on the steps to the left of the hut to access the jetty.

Under the hut

LB on BOAT HOOK (floating in the water). Use the BOAT HOOK on the BOTTLE (also floating in the water). Go back up the steps.

The Dock Gates

LB on chimney. Use the BOTTLE on the chimney (to cool the chimney). LB on chimney (to remove the cone on top of it). Use the BOTTLE on the chimney (to block it and force the guard out of his hut). Return to the jetty beneath the hut. LB on trapdoor.

Inside the hut

LB on DOG BISCUITS. LB on trapdoor.

Under the hut

Use the DOG BISCUITS on the platform near the dog. Use the BOATHOOK on the platform (to drop the dog in the water). Go back up the steps. LB on the fence.


LB on the ladder. LB on the left hand window (to view the inside of the warehouse). Use the BOATHOOK on the FAN. LB on the window (to return to the outside ledge). LB on the ladder. LB on the door (to attract Pablo's attention). Select: GENDARME. LB on the ladder. LB on the clamp (to lure Pablo to the edge of the dock). LB on the clamp (to knock Pablo into the dock). LB on the ladder. LB on the door.

Inside the warehouse

LB on the drawer in the desk (to find a KEY). Walk across the room until stopped by the little Indian (Titipoco). Use the KEY on Titipoco (to unlock his MANACLES). LB on the call button beside the lift (on the right of the room).

Upstairs in warehouse

LB on the crate immediately in front of the elevator (George will push it back in order to block the elevator doors). LB on the light switch. LB on the scratch marks (to reveal a hidden door). LB on the hidden door (to open it). LB on the hidden door (to go through it).

The secret room

LB on NICO to talk to her and remove the MASKING TAPE from her mouth.
LB on the rope (to untie Nico). LB on the fetish (the small statue on the floor). Return to the previous room.

Upstairs in warehouse

Use the ROPE on the large STATUE (on the pallet in the middle of the room). Use the MASKING TAPE on the electric eye (on the elevator doors). LB on the crate between the doors (to return it to its original position). LB on the smallest crate (to slide it to the first crate). LB on the left-most crate. LB on the hand cart (to raise the big statue off the floor). LB on the rope (in George's inventory). LB on the pulley (above the statue). LB on the hand cart (to leave the statue hanging free). LB on the statue (to try to push it). Talk to Nico to ask for her help. Exit by the newly opened door.

On the platform

Use the MANACLES on the cable.

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