Broken Sword

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Act 1: Paris

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Pick up the newspaper. Walk to the roadworks. After Rosso's interview in the cafe, talk to Nico, the photographer. Ask Nico about the clown and Plantard (the clown's victim) until she has told you all she knows and gives you her phone number. Walk to the roadworks and give the newspaper to the workman. Get the tool from the toolbox inside the tent. Walk to the alley on the right hand side of the cafe square. Use the tool on the manhole cover. Get the clown's nose from the first sewer. Get the tissue and the scrap of material from the second sewer. Climb the ladder to the courtyard above. Show Rosso's card to the concierge. Show the material to the concierge. Ask concierge about jacket. Say goodbye to the concierge and return to the roadworks. Telephone Nico and get her address. Exit the roadworks to the right, to the Paris map.

Go to Rue Jarry. Talk to the flower seller to identify Nico's address. Try the door (it's stuck), then ask the flower seller about Nico again Go to Nico's apartment. Show the material to Nico and take the photograph Show her the nose. Go to the Risee du Monde and show the photograph to the costumier. Ask him about the clown. Leave the costumier (taking the buzzer). Telephone Todryk the tailor and ask him about Khan (use photo icon).

Go to the hotel Ubu. Speak to Piermount about herself and show photo. Try to get key. Ask Piermont about key. Talk to Piermont about the key and the assassin. When the receptionist has left take the key. Go upstairs. Use key on first door on the right. Open window and climb out. Enter window to the right. Try leaving the room via the door... Once assassin has been and gone search the trousers he left on the bed. - to get the id-card & match-book Leave room through door. Ask receptionist about safe then show him ID card. Show Piermont the ID card, so she helps you retrieve manuscript from safe Go back to first room, stand on ledge and drop manuscript to ground. Leave hotel (to be searched by Flap and Guido). Go to alley behind hotel and collect manuscript. Talk to Nico about manuscript. Exit to map and go to Museum. Examine tripod in the centre of the room. Leave museum, go to map and go to Airport. (You could go back to Nico's apartment first and tell her you're going to Ireland - this way you'll hear about Peagram before you go). Go to Ireland.


Act 2: Ireland

If you've come here without talking to Nico, you'll need to talk to O'Brien to find out about Peagram - O'Brien is sitting at the far end of the bar.
Talk to Maguire about Peagram and the dig Go to MacDevitts. Talk to Ron the poacher then say goodbye. Wait until Ron leaves a snare on the table, then take the snare when he sneezes - you have to be quick Ask Sean Fitzgerald about the dig. Ask Doyle about Peagram, the dig and Fitzgerald, and then if he wants a beer Ask him again about Fitzgerald again. While Doyle is drinking, take the towel from under his elbow. Ask Fitzgerald about the dig. Go outside and ask Maguire again about Fitzgerald. Go back inside and ask Fitzgerald about the dig, Peagram and the gem. Ask about the package. When Fitzgerald has left and Maguire has burst in, go back outside. Turn off the beer pumps by throwing the exposed switch beside the pub door. Go back into the bar and ask Mick Leary for a drink. - you will need to finish off anything left in your glass if you ordered one earlier Show him the ID card. Use the snare on the glass washer plug. Go to the cellar and undo the bolt holding the trapdoor. Go back to the street and open the trapdoor. Return to the cellar and collect the gem. Turn on the tap and use it to wet the towel. Leave the pub and take the path to the castle gate. Tell the farmer about Fitzgerald's abduction. Climb the haystack into the castle. Insert lifting key into wall, then click on gap at top to climb over Approach the goat to the right of the trough (by left-clicking on the ladder) As soon as the goat knocks you over, click on the plough on the far left. When the goat is trapped, go to the ladder and enter the excavation. Get some plaster from the sack. Move the stone slab so it falls on the sand, then raise the slab to expose the holes. Use the plaster on the holes in the sand. Use the wet towel on the plaster in the sand (if the towel has dried return to the cellar and wet it again). Pick up the plaster replica and use it on the holes in the wall. Enter the secret room.

Act 3: Paris

Show Nico the gem. Leave and go to Police station. Ask Moue about Marquet. Leave and go to Hospital. Ask receptionist about Marquet. Show her your I.D. Talk about Nurse Grendel until she gives you directions. Go down corridor. Speak to Sam the cleaner then unplug the cleaning machine. When Sam leaves go to closet and get Doctors coat. Return to reception and talk to guy stood in doorway. Go back up corridor to the ward. Attept to walk through ward. After patient has stopped you speak to Benior. Give him pressure thing,talk to him about pressure thing then tell him to use it on Eric Sopmash (the right-hand icon of the two available) Walk into Marquets room, and talk to him about everything.

Go to the musee and speak to Lobineau about the manuscript and the knight until he tells you about Spain. When the guard is not looking open the window, then when he goes to close it hide in sarcophagus. When the raid starts push the totem pole.

Act 4: Montfaucon Catacombs

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Talk to the juggler and attempt juggling. Talk to the gendarme - show him the red nose. Talk to the juggler and attempt juggling again. When the juggler and the gendarme leave, use the sewer key to lift the manhole cover and descend beneath the streets. Examine the rightmost arch. Use the sewer key to break a hole in the plaster. Pull lever. Examine mechanism. Board boat and move the boom over the righthand path. Lower chain. Take the chain hook and attach to the exposed cog. Board the boat and turn the winch. Enter next room. Look through hole in the wall to see Templars' meeting. Look through hole again to see them leave. Go down the steps. Put the tripod on the stand in the middle of the circle. Place gem on the tripod.

Act 5: Spain

Use the pressure gauge on the hosepipe near the window where it enters the house. Go into the house. Go down the passage to the rear of the house. When the dogs scare George back into the hallway, left-click on the armour. Go upstairs. Talk to the Countess about everything. Pick up the Bible on the lectern. Examine the chequer pattern on the lectern. Talk to the Countess about it. Talk to the Countess while Lopez fetches the pieces.

The chess puzzle. The white pieces can only be placed on the middle column. Place the black king in checkmate... (bishop at top, knight in middle, king on square below knight)

Act 6: Syria

Go up the steps on the RHS of the location. Show the matchbook to the carpet seller. Left-click on the steps to go up to the club. Try to go into the Club Alamut's toilet. Read the sign. Ask Ultar about the sign. Return to the main street again. Look at & talk to Arto - the kebab stall holder near the steps to the carpet seller. Talk to Nejo about Arto. Offer Nejo the red ball & select YES when he asks if you mean it. Use the phrase on Arto. Go back & talk to Nejo. Go back to club & give toilet brush to the club manager. Go into toilet, unlock the roller towel and take the towel. Go back to Nejo's stall - Nejo should now be playing with the ball. Stroke the cat and then ring the desk bell on the stall's counter. Pick up the broken statuette. Use the tissue on the statuette. Talk to Duane and sell him the statuette in exchange for $50 bill. Go back to club & show Ultar the photograph. Talk to Ultar until he offers to take George to the Bull's Head hill, then give him the $50 bill. Meet Ultar at the truck and give him the roller towel.

Take the stick from the bush and use it on the cut towel. Use the stick/towel on crack at the cliff edge and climb down. Examine the niche in the rock until the ring is found and pull it. Search Klausner's body, look at Baphomet and read the inscription. Don't lie to Khan. When he offers to let George go in return for his word, agree to shake hands but then select the buzzer. While Khan is down, jump off cliff.

Act 7: Montfaucon Church

Show tarnished chalice to priest. Let him clean it. Examine right hand tomb against rear wall. Examine scroll in the statue's hand. Interact lens with scroll. Talk to priest again to recover chalice. Go to museum and talk to Lobineau about Baphomet. Go to the Baphomet Site from the Paris map

Act 8: The Excavation at the Institut Nerval

Go down steps to lobby LB click on RHS door (toilet) Ask Guard for keys (toilet brush icon) Use keys on toilet door Pick up soap from sink Use bunch of keys on soap to make imprint of excavation room key Use plaster on soap Use soap on taps to wet the plaster & make copy of excav. key Go back to lobby & give keys back to Guard Go outside & try to use plaster key on painter's pot Go back down to lobby & phone Nico Go back & talk to painter about phone Dip plaster key in paint pot to make it look real. Go back down to lobby & examine thermostat on LHS wall Ask Guard about thermostat LB click on thermostat to turn it to cold - guard then puts on his gloves Get keys back from guard Use painted key on keys, to swap it for the real excavation room key Give keys back to Guard (he can't feel the fake key with his gloves on) Try to use excav. key on LHS door Phone Nico again & wait for developments Go back to lobby & use excav. key of LHS door to enter the excavation room Use polished chalice on patch on lower floor, to see the anatomorphic projection This automatically sends you back to Nico's appartment Now you have access to Spain again on the Europe map.

Act 9: Spain

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Take the mirror from the utility room. Talk to the Countess. Go to the mausoleum and examine the candle. Use the window hook to close the window. Use the tissue on the hook and then ignite it with the candles by the lectern. Light the candle with the burning tissue to get the stone key. Take the Bible. Give the Bible to the Countess and get her to look up the references. Talk to Lopez about wells and how to find them. Take hazel twig from the tree by utility room window and show it to Lopez. Examine the lion's head and pull the tooth. IMMEDIATELY move away. Examine the exposed wall. Use the mirror on the shaft of light coming down the well to illuminate the keyhole in the wall. Locate keyhole by touching the secret door again, and then use the stone key on the door. After returning to Nico's, George can go to the Airport & off to Bannockburn.

Act 10: Train

Try to leave the compartment to trigger the guard's visit. Leave the compartment and head left down the corridor. After confronting Guido, who pops his head round a compartment door, continue all the way for the far left-hand end of the train. After George reacts to Eklund, go back to your compartment. Go to the second compartment and talk to Geordie on the left. Open the window & climb through it. Head to the right along the roof of the train. Enter the baggage car. When Guido is thrown off the train pull the brake cord. Attempt to leave carrige. After talking to Nico, leave the carriage.

Act 11: Scotland

In the church tower, turn the handle on the wheel mechanism to break it off Take the cog & spindle. Examine the rubble until you find a second cog. Use the both of the cogs on the demon. Use the handle on the demon. Enter the crypt & walk through to the far exit.

To foil the grand master's plans, throw the (nearest) torch on the gunpowder.

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