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Begin a new mission and select your territory. Next,accept your mission brief. On the Team Selection Screen, highlight the "Equip" command and press button A. Choose the Pistol (it's free) and buy all eight of them. Press B to go back ot Equip. Press B again to go to the inventory box. Now press button A. DO NOT SELL...PICK CANCEL INSTEAD! On the equipment list, press Up and choose "Pertron." Press A. Choose the Sell Option and you will get $5,000 and one pistol will be deleted from your inventory. Repeat this process and builb up a lot of money. To get more for each pistol, put most of your mony toward research, and the GGauss gun under tthe ""Heavy" category. Go into a mission and complete it. By the time you get back, you'll be able to use the Gauss gun in place of the Pertron to get $50,000per pistol.

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